Never expect consistent profit at trading

Trading can a challenging profession for people as they don’t have the right idea. Most think they will start making a profit after investment. They never understand the formulas, the skills, and the knowledge required to make this career profitable. Traders spend time in the demo to develop a strategy to get consistent results. With the help of online media, customers can know about the volatility. This reduces their expectation to cope with the situations. However, many investors still believe it is possible to have a consistent outcome in Forex. This depends on the method and the expertise of the individual.

If a person can develop a formula that has no errors, the expected result can be achieved. What we want to imply is, this is never possible given the dynamic market scenario. In this article, we will explain this concept. If you are thinking to change a life by becoming a currency trader, think twice before making the deposit. Not only the performance can be inconsistent but the sector is risky also. Every participant should be informed about the drawbacks as well before they plan for consistency.

Why should I not expect consistency?

Especially after developing a technique that can be useful to reduce the losses. Traders must understand this is not about a method. An individual can simply develop a formula by practicing and mastering the basics. What makes a profitable consistency is the market situation. This is beyond the control of the community and even the Forex members cannot govern the movements. This is a global industry interconnected by the countries. If a country decides to increase the rate interest rate, this affects the price of that currency. As currencies are traded in pairs, this is going to affect the paired currency also.

In this way, even countries cannot monitor for consistent volatility. Depending on the market, the trends keep on changing. A strategy is a simple tool that cannot do much in this scenario. Many try to implement advanced methods but fail eventually. But if you still wish to learn about the advanced method of trading, go to site of Saxo to enhance your skills. Start utilizing their free resources so that you can make quick decisions without having many problems at real-life trading.

What if I can get the forecast right every time?

We admire the ambition but getting the prediction right is not important. Traders can enter anytime they want but what makes an order successful is the exit. If the exit is completed with a profit, investors consider this trade was a success. What happens temporarily does not get important. Even if you manage to get the right forecast, what if there is a change in the prices?

Think of a country that decides to enact policies that can change the direction of the economy. The political world is a debate with the world’s superpowers whether they should support Israel or not in the Gaza attacks. Simply withdrawing from this decision is not possible as this involves national interests. If important information is released, this will change the economy temporarily. In that time, the prices will move beyond expectations. Don’t get the expectations high and frustrate yourself.

How do professionals remain profitable without consistency?

Because they follow the risk management plan, their decisions are profitable despite having failures. Success is not analyzed by individual performance but by holistic performances. When this is analyzed, you will find experts also have losses. They make errors in their decisions and lose money. The reason for their success is the long-term plan which helps to recovers the loss. If they lose 10 dollars, for example, they make 40 dollars in the future. In this way, they are always building their fortune by having consistent losses. They also have no consistency but because their profit is higher than the losses, they maintain a profitable balance.


3 Tasks to Accompish Before Your First Meeting with Investors

When you’re trying to open a business, a lot depends on your first meeting with potential investors. To increase your chances of receiving the startup capital you need, take care of these tasks before you meet with them.

1. Draft Your Business Plan

Your business plan will change based on how much funding you receive from your investors and which ideas they offer. Still, prepare a draft to bring to your initial meeting. It should include an executive summary, your business’s purpose and mission statement, a timeline for opening your doors, and descriptions of the products or services you want to offer. The most important section is your proposed budget, so make sure you spend plenty of time deciding how much money to ask for.

2. Identify Potential Vendors

Rather than purchasing supplies from different companies every month, you need to develop regular business relationships with vendors. Identify the different options in your area for custom metal fabrication Manitoba and note the ones that have the best deals or mission statements that align most closely with yours. Even if you choose different vendors in the end, this step helps prove to your investors that you’ve seriously considered each aspect of your company.

3. Monitor Your Competition

Although your business’s mission statement and values make it unique, there are other companies like yours. You must have a thorough understanding of your competition so you can answer investors’ questions about trends within your industry and any concerns you have about outpacing existing companies. Follow your future competitors on social media and read their public sales reports for a few months before your first meeting. This helps you provide specific examples to support your points.

Your first meeting with potential investors determines whether you can open your business. Prepare by prioritizing these three tasks.

When you’re trying to open a business, a lot depends on your first meeting with potential investors. To increase your chances of receiving the startup capital you need, take care of these tasks before you meet with them. Follow your future competitors on social media and read their public sales reports for a few months before your first meeting. This helps you provide specific examples to support your points.

Your first meeting with potential investors determines whether you can open your business. Prepare by prioritizing these three tasks. It should include an executive summary, your business’s purpose and mission statement, a timeline for opening your doors, and descriptions of the products or services you want to offer. You must have a thorough understanding of your competition so you can answer investors’ questions about trends within your industry and any concerns you have about outpacing existing companies. Follow your future competitors on social media and read their public sales reports for a few months before your first meeting. This helps you provide specific examples to support your point.


5 Ways Technology Can Help You Become a Better Investor

Investing — just like any other skill — takes considerable time to master. Yet, trial and error in this profession could end up costing you more than you bargained for; quite literally. Over the years, software engineers have been working hard on creating foolproof solutions for would-be investors, making it a lot easier for newbie entrepreneurs to break into the investment scene.

But just what technological solutions have they come up with? Read the full article down below and find out!

1. Banking and Budgeting Apps

If you want to invest more money, you’ve got to save some money first. This is where technology comes in handy. Budgeting apps such as Mint, Mvelopes, and Quicken are perfect for keeping your balance in the green, leaving you with more funds to invest later on. They allow you to control just how much you’re willing to spend and also keep good track of your bank accounts to watch for any unauthorized credit card misuses.

Now, apart from seeing where your money flows, these apps can also look out for any outstanding debts you may have, as well as assets like cars and homes. Additionally, you can even set up alarms to notify you when your balance gets critically low or when a payment is due, either via email or by text message.

2. Big Data and Predictive Analysis

Knowledge is power; especially so in the investment sector. Knowing exactly when the value of stocks will rise or fall can make you an extremely wealthy man, indeed. That is why businesses and investors are already leveraging the use of Big Data to make some sense out of the noise that is the Internet. According to Hostingtribunal, Big Data has not only the potential to save money, but make money as well; which is why around 83% of businesses invest in this technology. Most investors use programs that are capable of some kind of predictive analysis to research potential investments and then make data-driven decisions of whether to invest their money into certain ventures or not. That way they ensure a good return on investment for each deal they make.

3. Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are not just online marketplaces for investors; they are also great hubs of learning and knowledge where people can improve their skills and expertise. For instance, the Ever Forex trading platform comes with its own analytical tools and advanced trading software which can help first-time investors with their trading decisions. Moreover, as the aforementioned platform, these investment hubs often come with their own free demo version as well, allowing young investors to hone their skills first before making any real-money investments. That way you don’t lose money to constant trial and errors made on your part as you make your way to more intermediate levels.

4. Multiple Perspectives through Networking

Investing is not just about the data, but also about the angle you take. Sometimes we cannot see the bigger picture from our perspective. Luckily for us, technology has allowed us to communicate with each other in real-time over great distances (even time zones). Networking with peers and mentors enables us to inform one another of prospective investments we would have otherwise missed ourselves. As a result of this mega connectivity, each investor has multiple perspectives for each investment, making more informed decisions and staying clear of obvious money sinks.

5. Robo Advisors

As we continue our technological advancement — particularly in the fields of machine learning — investors will have something to rely on apart from their average virtual AI — robo advisors. In the foreseeable future, people will only have to fill out a small form of around 10–15 simple questions for the AI to figure out exactly which investment types are suitable for that particular person. After that, the smart AI can manage the whole ongoing financial process all by themselves as you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride; the dream.

Overall, machine learning and deep learning are making enormous breakthroughs each day. As such, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the investment sector; only time will tell.


Why You Should Invest Your Money: The Interesting Facts

Investing money in the business or any field may help every individual to earn more and build a foundation of wealth. But, today there are a lot of instances that an individual don’t succeed with their investment and the only reason is they don’t seek help to professionals. This is one of the most important things to do before investing and yet a lot of individuals neglect this. It is always a good idea to hire someone who really knows the market, and hears advice on what industry is the best to invest money. Investing is another way of increasing assets of an individual, this can be a way to success, but it is too risky especially for the beginner. Investment managers Australia gives their guidance for those individuals who want to invest their money.

Reasons Why You Should Try Investing

  1. To Grow Money. It is important to invest in intelligence and grows money. Aside from the fact that banks can help an individual to increase their money, it is also important to know the power of investing. Investing money can help and will enable every individual to increase their money. For those individuals who want an instant way of getting a higher amount of their invested money, they can try stocks. They prefer to get this as their investment as money is simultaneously but it is one of the most delicate investments. An individual can get the largest money in an instant and can lose money in real-time.
  2. An Individual Can Save Money For Their Retirement. There are a lot of people in the world who are having a hard time when they get old because they don’t save enough money. Some people are also having this tough time when having an emergency and there is no money left in their bank accounts. Then, investing money is the key to solve this problem. People need to know to invest as they will get old and tired of working. In the younger age of an individual, they need to be aggressive to save their money so that when the time comes, they don’t need to depend on anyone and they are ready. Just like investing in the vehicle, jewelry and many more can help an individual in times of emergencies.
  3. An Individual Can Earn Higher Returns. The fact why a lot of businessmen succeed in their journey is that they always choose to take the risk in investing even their smallest amount of money. Every aspirant investor should think that once they’ve invested a big amount to either stock, business, or vehicles then they can also lose big and earn big. This could be the best way to save money in the future from past investments.
  4. Achieve Financial Goals. Every individual has its own dream to achieve especially when it comes to financial. A lot of people strive hard because of saving and help them to increase their money. But investing is a free way to grow one’s money and to save more money. People need to know how to save and invest as this is both associated with each other.


Before investing make sure to get the help of a professional in this field, in order to experience success, be financially stable and also to save more money. Yet, investment is a big risk so an individual just needs to be prepared for the pros and cons of investing their money. They need to understand the whole process of investing and determine their reason why they invest their money.


How to Realistically Become a Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire is a dream of every other individual. However, not everyone can become one. A dream to be worth a million is very tedious, unrealistic and mostly a laughable goal, especially for a common man.

Since we are not born into the royals, we have to work our way up in this life. But, if becoming a millionaire is your ultimate goal in life, then you need to readily invest your time and efforts into achieving it.

And we are here to tell you how.

Here are a few steps that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a millionaire.

1: Start Early In Life

The key to achieving this goal is by starting early in life. The earlier you start striving towards this goal, the greater your chances are in collecting the wealth you need. This mean, you have to start spending wisely from the very beginning. Apply the long term calculation to your spending habits. This will give you a clear picture of whether your habits are helping you save or decline your wealth.

For instance, if you are spending INR 100 on coffee daily for five days a week, that accounts for INR 500 by the end of each week. This, in turn, means that you will be spending INR 26,000 by the end of the year. Now, do you think this amount is worth spending?

Look for ways to cut costs and adjust a little bit. Keep a monthly budget and try sticking to it. Also, keep track of your expenses and see whether you can save money in any way.

2: Learn To Spend Less

Millionaires follow a strict budget. They do not spend more than they need to. As a matter of fact, they spend only 10 percent of their monthly income. The remaining 90 percent of the income is either invested for higher returns or reinvested in their business for profits.

If you want to achieve this dream, you will have to learn to live below your means, just like other millionaires. This gives you a chance of saving more for later. Moreover, you can look for investment plans and start investing from the start of your career. Once the policy matures, you will have more money to add to your net worth.

3: Financial Freedom over Displaying Status

Why buy things that you cannot afford? Is it really necessary for you to own certain items, for the mere reasons of showing them off? Unaffordable luxury items can surely uphold your high-status in society, but at what cost?

It is sheer stupidity to spend on items for maintaining social status and then spending your income on paying off the loan. You cannot achieve your dream of becoming a millionaire if you still continue doing this. Instead, use whatever amount you have to build your own corpus.

4: Have More Than One Source of Income

You cannot be a millionaire if you rely on a single source of income. Build your wealth from multiple avenues over your lifetime. It can be via rental income – in case you own a house, interest earned, dividends earned, a side business or capital gains.

If your source of income is your job and you plan to continue working the same, then it is wise to start looking for different investment options.

Look for investment plans that allow you to earn dividends and interest for a long-term, especially an option that provides both – insurance as well as investment. In fact, ULIP that is Unit Linked Insurance Plan does just that. Many providers offer ULIP plans that differ in nature. Choose a ULIP policy that is best suited for your needs and start building your wealth right away.


ELSS Funds – An Excellent Investment Option

ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme is an open-end scheme for investing in mutual funds while helping you in saving income tax. An open-end fund refers to a mutual fund in which shares are issued at their NAV (Net Asset Value). Also, the section 80-C of the Income Tax Act states that taxpayers are allowed to invest a total of 1.5 Lac in particular securities. This invested amount can be deducted from their total taxable income and thus, ELSS is also called tax-saving funds. It is a great investment option as you can start investing in ELSS with a minimum amount of 500 Rupees, with no upper limit.

Important Facts About ELSS

ELSS allows you to invest a minimum of 500 Rupees & a maximum of 1.5 Lac per year, in compliance with the section 80-C of Income Tax Act.

The major percentage of these funds’ portfolio is invested in the equity.

The lock-in period of these funds is for 3 years, which is shorter than all other tax-saving investments.

ELSS Funds offer dual benefits i.e. Tax Saving & Capital Appreciation.

You can choose to get regular income through dividend payouts or choose long term capital appreciation growth.

In long-term, ELSS funds can offer 10% to 12% returns, which is more than any other tax-saving investment schemes.

However, there are risks involved in ELSS because of the nature of equity investments.

How Can You Invest In ELSS?

  • Investing in ELSS is quite similar to any mutual funds investment.
  • First of all, an investor needs to be KYC Compliant to be eligible for investing.
  • The investor can always invest easily through Online Investment Services Account.
  • Investors can choose to invest through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) with a minimum amount of 500 Rupees every month.
  • Also, investors can invest on a lump-sum basis.
  • Although, the tax redemption is allowed only up to 1.5 Lac, yet you can invest as much money as you want.

Important Tips For ELSS Funds Investment

Make sure to perform thorough market research before investing in ELSS, as it will help in ensuring better results in long-term.

Always talk to a market expert about which investment method would be best for you between SIP & Lump-Sum.

As the risk factor is prominent in ELSS, investing in different funds would be a better option rather than just investing in one.

The Growth Option is much better than the Dividend Option, as returns are expected to be greater in the long-run.

Invest in diverse ELSS funds rather than in one, as this will improve the chances of better returns while reducing the risk factor.

Although, ELSS can prove to be a great short term investment as compared to PPF & other investment plans, yet the risk factor is also high. Thus, you need to make sure that proper research is performed by you before making the final investment decision.


Why Consulting With Experts Before Investing in Pink Diamonds is Necessary?

If you are considering the idea of investing in diamonds, it is best that you get in touch with experts that are associated with the sector. An investor should be aware of everything that comes with the security they have chosen to invest in. That being said, you might take a moment and ask yourself a simple but meaningful question – will it all be worth it in the end? Well, it will be if you get in touch with the officials associated with the sector. Visit to get more details on smart investment in pink diamonds.

It is best to keep in mind that experts have been in this sector for a while which is why they will tell you all about the following in detail that will make your diamond investments rewarding:

They will help you to better understand the real worth of the gem based on its quality

One of the most vital aspects a diamond investor should understand before investing their hard earned money in one is that it will be worthwhile if and only if they invest in a genuine diamond. You can minimise your chances of getting duped by consulting with the experts associated with diamond investments.

They will tell you all about the inside knowledge you would need to differentiate between a real gem and a fake one. On top of that, you will also gain knowledge about factors that will help you to find out the overall quality of the gem.

They will help you to choose the diamond that has the perfect size based on your preferences

If you plan on making your habit of investing diamonds as a full-time professional activity, it is best to seek expert advice from diamond investment consultants. They will recommend you to invest in diamonds that are one carat or more in weight. Size really does matter in diamond investments.

This is why as per the opinion of experts if you invest in a diamond that is less than one carat in size, you won’t be able to get a fair price for it when you finally decide to part ways from it.

They will help you when it comes to considering the cuts on your diamond

Experts know that the cuts made on a diamond heavily affects its resale value which is why they will tell you to go for a diamond that has cuts on it that are in trend at any given point. For instance, at this moment, the trendiest cuts on a diamond are that of the princess cut.

That being said, a diamond investment consultant will never tell you to go for a heart-shaped diamond since they have always been known to fall out of favour after a few years.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, consulting with the experts in diamond investments allows you to get detailed information about the four C’s of a diamond. They are Clarity, Cut, Carat weight and Color. Choose diamonds that are suggested by your diamond investment consultant for best results.


Have you ever traded in Hong Kong Bond Market?

Have you ever traded or have the experience of trading in a debt market? Yes, you have heard it right! Trading is when you deal with stocks in an open market. Trading can be done in any particular country as such. And of course, Hong Kong is no exception.

Hong Kong Trading market: What exactly is in offer?

Did you know that Hong Kong is much of a liberal trading market? Yes, as experts had put it, Hong Kong is one of the most liberal trading markets in comparison to others. One of the most important aspects remain to be that, the investors who come to Hong Kong market are free to invest as far as the debt instruments are concerned. At the same time, it is important to note that, there are hardly any restrictions imposed on the borrowers who come from the foreign country. As a result it is a good observation that, Hong Kong Bond Prices do not fluctuate as per investor expectations.

Most of the expert traders have agreed to the fact that, Hong Kong trading market is an innovative market place ideally suited for the traders who would like to play in a free market. Investors trading in the market of Hong Kong will definitely enjoy the various kinds of experiences that, the market has to offer. Most importantly, the market offers you to trade in domestic and foreign currencies altogether! Hong Kong trading market appears to be attractive to the bond sellers and buyers because of the following reasons:

  • A wide range of product offerings
  • A total open access for the investors as well as the bond issuers
  • Trading opportunities in both domestic and foreign currencies
  • Release of offshore bonds
  • A relatively open market
  • A market which is frequently visited by the traders as far as the continent of Asia is concerned

What are the public bonds that are available in the Hong Kong Trading market?

  • Bonds issues by the Government
  • Exchange fund bills issued by Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Exchange fund notes from Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Bonds released from the statutory bodies like Airport or the housing authority
  • Bonds issued from the corporation authorities of the government. This includes bond released from authorities like Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation

At the same time, expert traders who had traded in the Hong Kong market for a longer period of time, agree to the fact that, Hong Kong does have a ‘private sector bond market’ as well.


Trading is not easy functionally, whether it is done nationally or internationally. Most importantly, trading of bonds requires an open approach which can be received from a flexible investment market like that of Hong Kong respectively. Thus, offering complete choice and flexibility, Hong Kong bond market remain to be much popular amongst traders who would not like much norms while investing in a risky market.


7 mistakes to avoid to ensuring hassle-free investing in Best SIP plans


It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than committing them. This article on systematic investment plan or SIP will point out a few mistakes that readers can avoid.

SIP means making small investments over a period and then reaping the dividends. You don’t need to be a big businessman to invest regularly. Even if you have a limited source of income, you can still invest and make good profits after a few years. However, many investors commit very simple mistakes and lose out on opportunities.

Common mistakes

  1. Investing big- As said earlier, you don’t need to be a wealthy businessman to invest in a fund or any other instrument. You can even make a start by investing Rs. 500 per month.

However, some investors first accumulate a substantial amount of money and then invest it. After a few months, they either forget investing or do not have the same amount of money. Clearly, they missed out on important part of the SIP strategy- start small but be regular. Had they followed this strategy, the same investors would have posted decent profits by the end of a particular period.

  1. Not for small investors alone- A common myth in the finance and investment circles is that SIP is only for small investors.

No, this is not a fact. The principles of SIP stay the same irrespective of the financial status of the individual. Therefore, if you can set aside Rs. 50,000 per month for systematic investment, then you get proportional returns on it.

The basic principles of SIP are – time value of money, rupee cost averaging and compounding and these remain the same whatever be the money invested.

  1. Investing for short term- If you are thinking of investing for short term, then you are committing a serious mistake; you are losing out on long term opportunities in the process.

For example, if you invested Rs. 5,000 per month for 5 years ( 60 months), then you can earn Rs. 4.12 lacs at rate of interest of 12%. If you expanded your time period to say 25 years, your total earning would be Rs. 1.77 crores, assuming the rate of interest remains the same. Therefore, invest for a longer period and reap higher dividends.

4.Divest at the right time- Many investors buy units when the market is bullish and divest them when the market declines or begins declining. This is a wrong approach.

Investors should rather enter the markets when they are on the decline; this way their NAV acquisition costs are low. When the market rises, then they can sell off their assets and make profits.

  1. Choosing dividends over growth- Another common mistake that many investors commit is choosing dividends over growth.

Growth takes place because of the compounding effect. When you invest Rs. 5,000 per month regularly for say 5 years, it becomes Rs. 1 lac plus at an assumed rate of interest of 12 %. It becomes such a big money because at the end of every fiscal year, interest is calculated on the interest generated previously. This is called compounding.

But when you withdraw money because of dividends, you lose out on this compounding value of money.

  1. Not boosting your SIPs- Most investors get extra money at some point of their lives. Many of those do not boost their SIPs with that extra sum and just spend it. Had they boosted their SIPs with a lump sum once a while, those investors would have posted even more profits.
  2. Divesting now to add later- Some investors withdraw from their SIP fund before maturity to fund their needs. Investors need to understand that when they withdraw that small part of money, they also lose out on the profits that that particular sum would have generated. Avoid withdrawing money from your SIP fund to the extent possible.


It is not necessary to be wealthy to participate in SIP activities. Similarly, SIP is not meant for the small investor alone. The trick to posting good profits is to invest regularly. Click here to know more about the best SIP plans to make your learning curve steeper.


10 Benefits of investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds have been successful in sensitizing the public about the benefits of investing in stocks and bonds. There was a time when most of the investors were satisfied with fixed deposits and recurring deposits in banks and post offices. But now, they have a viable alternative in the form of mutual funds. There are several benefits of investing in mutual funds. We have discussed some of them here in this post.

Managed by experienced professionals

The AMCs hire the best fund managers for managing mutual fund schemes. These professionals have the required qualification and previous experience of the funds market. Thus, your corpus is generally safe in the hands of a revered fund manager. The professionals will analyze carefully before creating and managing a portfolio that can generate maximum returns.

Start as low as Rs 500

While dealing with mutual funds, you don’t need a large corpus. You can start from as low as Rs 500. Gradually, you can increase the amount as per your discretion. Thus, mutual funds are favorable for every investor, including students and housewives. Ample of mutual funds offer investment options at variable prices. You can compare mutual funds to identify the best one for yourself.

Online Management

You don’t need to step out of your home to manage your investments. From the comfort of your home, you can evaluate different mutual fund schemes, create a portfolio, complete KYC compliance, and start investing immediately. Further, you will receive timely updates regarding your investments.

Secure & Regulated Investments

There have been cases in the past wherein investors have been robbed of their money. But now, due to stringent norms, your money is completely safe. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the chief regulator who ensures AMCs comply with the norms and conditions. KYC procedure has also strengthened the security factor.

Diversified Investment Options

In a collective manner, mutual funds comprise of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments. Now, mutual fund schemes invest money in different proportions. Some might be heavily biased towards stocks (equity funds), some towards bonds (debt funds), and most of them offer a mixture of everything. Thus, mutual funds ensure a definite exposure to all investment options.

Tax Savings

For those who are biased towards tax savings, they can consider equity-linked saving schemes (ELSS). Investment up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum is exempted from income tax under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. But yes, there is a minimum lock-in period of three years.

Flexible Time Limits

Mutual funds are a perfect investment option for those who have definite plans in their life. If you are 25 years of age, you can plan mutual fund investments to fund your car and house. If you think about the long term, you can start investing to secure funds for your child’s education and marriage.

Varying Risk Profile

Depending on the capability of an investor to take risks, mutual funds offer variable schemes depicting varying risk profile. For example, debt funds and liquid funds have the lowest risk. Thus, your corpus will be safe against market fluctuations. But the returns will be comparatively lower. The equity-oriented bonds carry high risks but the returns are also equally rewarding.

SIPs and Lump Sum Investment

For the salaried class, systematic investment plans (SIPs) are the most feasible option. You can choose to invest a particular amount per month. If you have a large corpus, you can simply invest it in a single go via lump sum investment. Both are feasible but yes, SIPs ensure higher gains in the long term.

Dividends and Growth Plans

When you invest in mutual funds, you can either opt for dividend plan wherein you will receive profits at periodic intervals or you can opt for growth plan wherein your profits will be reinvested along with the capital. Mutual funds give you both the options, thus, making them a preferable investment medium.