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It’s worrying for owners of businesses like hotels, restaurants, retailers, coffee shops or florists if they are having cash flow problems. If this applies to your business, why not take out a business cash advance from online finance companies to help you through? It’s so easy to make an application online and once you’ve been approved you can expect:-

  • To get your funds in a matter of days
  • A dedicated business cash advance manager to give you support
  • Not to have to provide a business plan
  • No fixed terms or fixed monthly payments

You pay the business cash advance company back when your customers pay you, it’s as easy as that. There’s an upfront cost with no APRs included, no administration fees and no hidden extras.

How can business cash advances work for you?

There are many advantages of business cash advances some of which are:-

  1. You can raise between five and one hundred thousand pounds of funding
  2. You only pay back a small percentage of your debit and credit card sales
  3. Your cash flow will be increased

What’s more the entire application process will take you only a few minutes. You’ll receive a decision in less than 24 hours and it’s good to know over 90% of businesses that apply for cash advances meet the basic criteria.

Don’t delay in finding out more about business finance companies and what they offer in terms of business cash advances. There’s even an online video so you can see for yourself how business cash advances work. You never know they could save your bacon!

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Check out online testimonials

To see how a business cash advance could benefit you, check out positive online customer testimonials. Dry cleaning businesses to dentists, florists to retailers, hair and beauty salons as well as garage owners have left online comments like:-

  1. “as a small business owner, managing cash flow can be very difficult, this is where a business cash advance has helped me no end”
  2. “I was approved the very same day for an advance for my business”
  3. “I would highly recommend a business cash advance to any business that wants access to quick funding”

Browse online testimonials at your leisure

Women in business

Despite many government initiatives to boost female participation in the world of business, women can find small and medium sized businesses very challenging in a male dominated environment. This can include obtaining funding which may prevent finding the capital needed for your business to thrive.

All is not lost, recommended finance specialists can provide cash advances to female company owners, a quick injection of cash between £3,500 and £100,000. There’s no need for your business to struggle for financial help. You only pay back when your customers pay you so if you’re having a quiet month, payments are automatically reduced. This will help to manage your business cash flow more easily and efficiently.

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