How Much Money Should You Spend On Business Cards


Business cards are the first tool used for marketing your business. Now there are different types of business cards that people are using to introduce their business to the whole world. Moreover, the most trendy photography business cards are digital business cards.

The price of these cards is not the same. The reason is every business card is designed differently. So the answer to this question is how much money should you spend on business cards has no fixed answer.

To ease my readers here I am mentioning a rough idea of the amount that a person invests in a business card according to the expert recommendation. So you can invest about 5% of your total investment in business cards.

Below I am telling you why the price of business cards varies from one another. Ultimately you can get an idea of which factor of a business card is more important for you.

Design of Business Card

The design of the business card is the main factor in the price variation of business cards. A business card that contains a complex design is typically pricier than compared to a business card that is simple with very less designing.

In the expert recommendation, an attractive business card is one that is simple and professional. Ultimately you can select a card with very less designing on it.

Material of Business Cards

The business cards are designed using different materials. The low-quality business card is manufactured using bad-quality paper and card. Such cards look very awful and unprofessional. The price of such cards is low compared to the cards that are manufactured using high-quality material.

We all knew that, the purpose of a business card is to provide a brief introduction to any business. So it should be designed by using high-quality material. The information printed over it should look clear. So never compromise on the quality of any business card.

Size of Business Card

The size of the business card is a crucial factor in the variation of price. Always select the size of the business card that can easily be kept in the wallet. So that you can swap it easily and the receiver can easily place it in their wallets. A normal size business card usually designs for $0.20.

How to Design a Business Card with Less Investment?

If you are starting a new business then this portion of the blog will definitely help you to know how you can save money by investing less in business cards.

The very first thing is to try to design a business card by yourself. You can take assistance from free software that provides pre-made templates for business cards. Moreover, the second thing is to use digital business cards so that it will minimize the expenditures of printing.

You can design your business logo by using software like Canva, and Photoshop without hiring a graphic designer.

Final Words

Before starting any type of business the very first step should be designing a business card. So separate the investments for this purpose first.

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