How To Make Your Business More Eco Friendly


In today’s climate, there is even more reason to turn every aspect of your life to a more eco-friendly end, and this really does include your business areas too.

This means that you should, for the sake of the planet as well as rising fuel costs, think about not only taking your private world into the realm of renewable energy but also your business and all that you do within your business, including dealing with and reducing your carbon footprint.

Look at your convenience facilities

There are still so many businesses using paper towels in their business convenience facilities it is untrue. Paper towels may seem like the cheap option against actually having hand dryers installed, but this is just bad economy. Paper towels not only end up costing more due to the number of sheets used, but they also involve the destruction of trees and excess waste, not to mention the hygiene aspect of them.

Whereas hand dryers, especially the ones that are sensor operated, are hygienic, easy to use, and do not cause any extra waste for landfills. As for the running costs, there is a way around that too.

Obtaining renewable energy

Obtaining renewable energy for your business can be more than just a fantasy. You could, if you wanted to, remove your business from the electric grid and go solar for business. This means that all your technology – including hand dryers – will be run off of your own fitted solar panels. You may think that this could cost you a lot of money, but it could save you money on your energy costs immediately and in the long term too.

There are also other major advantages to going solar for your business; you will be doing your bit to protect the environment, and you will be revered as a positive pro-eco leader for your employees.You will also find that customers that share the same feelings about the environment will be drawn to using your business over that of your competitors who show no interest in moving forward and protecting the valuable resources around them.

Change the way your business works

Take this one step further and look to take the paper trail out of your workplace by opting to go paperless. This is quite easy to do: make sure that all your workers have access either via a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone to your business intranet system. Ensure that they all have their own business email set up so that they can all be communicated with and have access to the documents, files, and data that they require to carry out their workloads.

Choose, where possible, to email, text, or phone customers rather than sending letters, and create online forms so that there is no reason to print anything out. If your business works from drawings, then it is OK to have a master printed if you need one, but otherwise, try to deal with the drawings via your system rather than printing off loads and loads of paper that will be used once and then thrown in the trash can or put in the shredder if it contains confidential data.

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