MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4 no doubt holds giant status among foreign exchange traders. To successfully profit from this diverse and huge foreign exchange market means a synergy between brokers and clients has to be made such that real-time monitoring of accounts are done and swift technical measures are taken. With loads of MetaTrader brokers available, it is also important to get a decent software or confluence of same that will enhance success in the FX market.

One such terrific software providers are which has just about all the basic and vital tools any MetaTrader broker would need to enhance their clients are successful and trade profitably. Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 software prides itself as one of the most advanced post trade terrific tool used by money managers and MT4 brokers. The software runs on existing MT4 server and assigns many sub-accounts to a single master account using the MAM feature.

Another important software MT4 brokers can take superb advantage of is Gold-I Visual Edge. This Powerful broker analytics software is a Multi-asset risk management and business intelligence software that is excellently integrated with the MetaTrader platform and manages clients risk through real-time monitoring of exposure while helping take the most informed Book decisions. Brokers are able to view customised dashboards to enhance an up to the minute progress evaluation of the trading operations with this software. They can also manage client’s risk as analyses of immediate consolidated exposure and attributes such as currency, asset class, symbol, country and client are superbly monitored. Effect of B-book hedge on net exposure and other salient metrics that drive Meta trading are covered by this awesome software. The software also helps reduce potential losses by monitoring unwanted scalpers and toxic clients and with the automated alerts, you are up to speed with any large profit trade. The company’s modular pricing strategy further makes Visual Edge a decent business and risk management tool with a low-cost entry point for MT4 Brokers.

Gold-I Risk DB is another software Metatrader brokers can explore with outstanding results. The software which can be independently run from Metaquotes report server also permits database export from MetaTrader, fuelling a perfectly managed marketing system on the FX market.

With Gold-I Margin caller, brokers receive automated mails on margin calls and stop outs just as customers are informed when orders are made, in addition to monitoring the movement of cash. This mail service, which is not available on MT4, therefore, makes Gold-I Margin caller a plus to brokers.

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