5 best payment wallets one can use in India


Payment methods are now evolving! Nobody is bound to pay their bills or go shopping with high-green cash. The times have changed and now it has all become just one click away. With the rise of payment wallets in India, everyone is now paying through them rather than going with cash. Payment Wallets are not only a safer medium but the discount offers and cashback you get to make them even sweet a deal. Those times are long gone when you have to stand in a line of ATM for cash and then go pay bills. Now, it is just one click away. Whether you are watching some movie or chilling with your friends- in one click, you can pay your bills with any hotch-potch. That’s the power of payment wallet- Everything has become easier! If you haven’t switched to any payment wallets yet, here are some of the best payment wallets you can use and make your payments safe and sound:

  1. Paytm

Paytm is one of the most used online Payment wallet systems in India. Founded in 2010, it has totally changed the payment scenario in India. People tend to pay using this wallet method rather than handling cash business. Not only you can pay money to your friend or any family member but you can also book your movie tickets, pay bills, pay college fees, order Pizzas and much more. Paytm is now connected to every e-commerce outlet as a payment method. Also, you get different offers on products and discount on movie tickets by using coupons like Paytm Coupons if you pay from Paytm. Paytm is a complete package which has made payment easier plus with its little coupons to apply on items, it saves money too.

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon being the biggest e-commerce store in the world is also known for its own payment method- Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is kind of a payment wallet in which you can add money and pay for your Amazon orders. Not only this but you can also pay your bills, recharge your phones and much more. Amazon Pay also works on other merchants like BigBazaar to make you buy your stuff. Having the trust of Amazon, it is surely one of the best payment wallets.

  1. Google Pay

Another branch of Google or grown under the Google ecosystem, Google Pay which was formerly known as Tez is one of the best payment wallets. It straightaway connects you to your bank account and every transaction made is through your bank account. Thanks to the clean UI, it doesn’t seem much complicated. If you are receiving payment, it will go to your bank account directly. If you are paying someone, the money will be deducted from your bank account. No scene of third-party here! Using Google Pay can give you many discount coupons and cash back. Inviting someone to this app for the first time also lets you earn money.

  1. PhonePe

With over 10 crore downloads on Google Play Store, PhonePe is another trusted payment wallet. With its cracky discount deals and cashback offers, people have gone crazy for this app. It is a simple payment wallet like Paytm and its UI is very clean too. But, the discount offers it gives to its customers, the cashback it gives attracts customers to this app. From payments, recharges, money transfer to online bill payments, PhonePe can do anything in just a matter of seconds. And, this is what makes it one of the best payment wallets in India and the safest too.

  1. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is another payment wallet platform with over 10 million plus downloads on Google Play Store. This mobile payment network has more than 25 million users and more than fifty grand retailers connected. You can connect your debit or credit card with the payment wallet and pay all your bills, recharge your phone, and so much more. Also, Mobikwik has now connected with grocery stores and restaurants to make your payment easy and you can also get discounts on food if you use offers or deals like Offers on Swiggy while ordering food online. Also, with its expense tracker, you can set your monthly budget and analyze how you are spending money.

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