8 Things You Should Consider before Building a Home


Wise up to home buying and things will go a lot easier and smoother by checking out the eight pieces of advice below:

  1. Remember that planning out your finances is of extreme importance when purchasing your very first home, so try planning a realistic workable budget and then stick to it. If looking for a trustworthy and professional builder in the London area, make sure to select one whom you can trust. It will be by keeping everything up front and staying on budget that you’ll get a clear idea of the home loan that you can allow yourself.
  2. Make use of a respectable and professional mortgage broker who can assist you in finding the right home loan for your situation. Should this be your first home loan, a mortgage broker such as AS Financial in London can expertly help you by showing you exactly what to do and interpret all available features.
  3. Try to limit yourself and don’t go and waste money on things that you really don’t have the money for. Sometimes it’s not too difficult to fool yourself that everything will be paid for down the line in the future, and especially after that big promotion happens! However, but what about if the promotion never comes to fruition? You will then have to bid farewell to everything, and not have the benefit of the first home owner grant or other buyer incentives ever again.
  4. If possible, put together the largest deposit you can as this will help you in two different ways.
  5. Number One – it will present your potential lender with proof that you can hold financial self-restraint over a length of time.
  6. Two – The bigger the deposit, the bigger the equity you will have in your property right from the go, which means you will then have to pay less interest. Another way to save your deposit is by taking out a high interest savings account.
  7. Apply for a first home owner grant as soon as possible.. In almost every single case the grant will be prepared before the time of settlement or, should you be building, by the time your lender has paid over the first appointed payment.
  8. Try not to apply for your home loan if you still have too much debt. Get rid of any credit cards that you just won’t need, get any vehicle payments paid up and pay off all personal loans. Make that home loan your number one and only priority.
  9. If seeking here and there for a new home don’t believe every single thing that you are told. Make a point of going through building inspections and check out what similar builders’ prices in the same area. If you do your research in the proper manner, you will end up being a happy home hunter!
  10. Ensure that you receive every single thing that you are eligible to receive, and everything that the builder promised is in place.

And enjoy that new abode!

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