Are you able to insurance your rims and tires?


When you think about which part of your vehicle is most prone to damage, tires and rims are the first thing that comes to mind, due to their proximity to road and frequent use. No matter how careful we are when we drive, there will always be a flat tire or a damage wheel on our car at some point, especially if you drive in the area which has potholed roads, and, depending on the make and model of your car, replacing them can sometimes be a substantial cost. If you have customized rims or expensive tires to start with, a flat tire or road debris could make your wallet significantly thinner. To prevent additional expenses in case of tire and rim damage, it’s best to insure them on time.

Who should buy rims and tires insurance?

Considering that damage to rims and tires is really common and happens really often, and that replacement cost are only going up, investing in rims and tires insurance is a smart decision for any driver, no matter which car he or she owns. However, it’s essential for people who own premium cars or customized rims to insure them, since costs for replacing these rites and rims are really high.

For a fixed rate, you can rely on insurance companies to cover your expenses and help you replace rims and tires in case of damage, without additional costs that could be a hot on your budget.

What type of coverage can I get?

Most insurance companies offer time-limited coverage, either for a couple of years or, in some cases, for determined mileage. What is common for all types of coverage is that they cover costs, in full or partly, for rims and tire damage cause by road hazards- everything from potholes to nails, wood and other debris.

Important factor that affects the amount of tire replacement costs covered is thread depth of your tires. Worn out tires are less likely to get full coverage for replacement and repair than newer, more preserved ones.

Some insurance companies will even cover towing expenses or offer transferable right to insurance plan, which will increase resale value, and it all depends on type of coverage you choose and the company behind it.

How much will it cost me?

Insurance for rims and tires is additional insurance, and it is paid separately from your basic vehicle insurance. Keeping in mind that, in the time period covered by insurance, you’ll probably have to repair or replace tires or rims multiple times, affordable prices become even more cost-effective, when you factor in the potential costs you could have had if you weren’t insured. Even in cases of partial coverage, it still pays off to insure your rims and tires.

Replacement and repair costs for tires and rims are already high and are just going to go up in the future, so the smartest and most economical thing to do is to insure them on time.

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