Audit Insurance Helps Accountants Recover the Costs from a Tax Investigation


Accountants do much more than just help individuals file their taxes; they also perform audits for businesses, file paperwork and taxes, start a new business from scratch, and offer financial advice to both individuals and business owners so that they can pay less taxes in the future. An important aspect of an accountant’s business is to help people when they are being investigated by the government, which can be a tense situation for both the customer and the accountant. These situations normally result in numerous expenses for the accountant, but these days there is insurance that can protect the accounting professional, so some of those costs can be recuperated. Companies such as Accountancy Insurance offer insurance programs that can help the accountant retrieve some of the costs associated with helping a taxpayer through an investigation, allowing them to be completely devoted to this task without being concerned about the costs that they may incur during the proceedings.

Many Costs Are Covered

Tax investigations by the government can be costly for both the accountant and the customer because there are papers that need to be filed, queries to be responded to, and a lot of time to be spent on the customers themselves. Both time and money are spent on an investigation, but it is good to know that these costs can be recompensed if you have the right type of insurance. The type of insurance against tax investigation is a specific type of insurance, which covers costs associated with employer compliance audits, business audits, corporate or personal tax filings, and even HST/GST filings. Essentially, if the job involves your client being required to act or respond to an enquiry of some type, the costs associated with this action can be reimbursed through this type of insurance.

Don’t Wait Until It is Too Late

Purchasing audit insurance is a smart move, and it is always best to buy it before it is needed. Companies such as Accountancy Insurance offer packages that cover the costs associated with a variety of investigations, enquiries, official audits, or reviews of tax returns already filed. If you are an accountant whose client has been contacted by the CRA or any other governmental agency, it is good to know that you will be reimbursed for the expenses that you will incur when the process is over with. If you help this type of client and you are without this type of insurance, your actions may not be covered right away, which is why it is so important to get audit insurance sooner rather than later.

Accountants help a lot of people, and in the process they spend a lot of time and money. When they help someone who is being audited or investigated by the government, expenses can become quite high, but with the right type of insurance, much of those costs can be reimbursed. Researching this type of insurance is easy, especially when you start on the Internet, and it is always well worth the cost associated with the policy.

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