Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online


How is buying car insurance online beneficial for you? Find out the most important advantages and misconceptions to buying car insurance online.

In this tech-savvy age, you must have definitely made some purchase or the other online. From train tickets to gadgets to clothes, almost everything is available online. Why should automobile insurance be left behind?

The advent of ecommerce and modern technology has led to people turning to online and mobile platforms for solutions. Buying your car insurance online simplifies the process.

If you are reluctant to undertake online transactions and concerned of buying your insurance policy online, think again.

Let’s look at some top benefits of buying car insurance online.

  1. It is Cheaper

Similar to all the things that you buy online, earn great savings by buying insurance policy online. Since the process involves less paperwork, operational costs of the business is lowered and translated to the consumer as savings.

  1. Paperless

Having to deal with too much paperwork is always messy and difficult. When you buy a policy offline, it involves a lot of documentation work to be done. On the other hand, when you buy a policy online, it is very simple and involves easy steps. Save the environment with less paper and also avail the most efficient method of buying insurance.

  1. Convenient and Easy

Buy insurance policy at the convenience of your home or on the move. You no longer have to physically visit an office and wait in long queues. The user interface of the insurance websites is devised to present information that is easy to comprehend and you will able to undertake transactions quickly.

Also, you don’t have to fill in elaborate details in a form, instead input simple details online and get done with your purchase.

  1. Instant Policy

When you buy insurance online, the processing is instant and your policy will be made available to you instantly. On the contrary, when you buy it offline, there is a longer processing time. Purchase your car insurance online and get it in a jiffy.

  1. Simple Endorsements in Online Policy

Endorsement is any change of a particular detail in the policy document. In case offline mode is opted, endorsement of the new details has to be re-submitted along with an endorsement form. But, online endorsement can be done easily with a click of a button by means of a self-declaration form.

  1. Policy Documents Backed-Up in One Place

All your policy documents can be retrieved anytime you want for the website and you don’t have to just rely on hard copies. A soft copy will always be available to you online.

  1. Review Polies and Refer to Other Customer’s Reviews

Word of mouth is a strong proof of any product’s success. You can read different reviews of customers and their experience online, before you make the final decision to purchase the policy. Moreover, you can compare different policies and their features online easily and also get to know about their reputation.

  1. Reminders of Renewal of Insurance Policy

Get automatic reminders to renew your car insurance online and never miss out the renewal date. All the data you entered previously is stored in the website and when you renew your policy, you don’t have to start all over to input details in the form again. The information will be simply reloaded and you just need to review it.

Common Misconceptions of Purchasing Car Insurance Online

  1. Legitimacy

All the policies that are issued online are licensed by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) and regulated by them for its fairness. So, an IRDA certification is enough proof for the authenticity of the online brokerage firm.

  1. Reliability

All websites are well-protected with highest level of security standards to ensure safe and secure transactions. It is absolutely safe and reliable to buy car insurance policy online, just as you buy other products online.

  1. Geographical Distance

Some people are hesitant to buy insurance policy online for a simple reason they are not located near them and fear that it will be difficult to process claims. However, geography does not matter anymore. You can make claims from anywhere in India and they will be addressed immediately.

The claim settlement process is very easy and you can be rest assured that your claims are processed.

This means you get to shop for your desired car insurance policy online without breaking a sweat!

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