Benefits of Local Fabrication Outsourcing


Outsourcing is a great way to save money by sidestepping the need to invest in new equipment lines and the labor to support them when you need parts manufactured for your products. It’s a backbone of consumer product manufacturing, and there are a lot of schools of thought with regard to the best way to choose suppliers and coordinate parts production schedules. While there are a lot of people who make a case for working with the lowest bidder even if that means going abroad, there are a lot of reasons to choose a shop nearby as well. In some cases, it can even help your bottom line, even in cases where it isn’t the lowest bid you get.

Save on Shipping Costs

When you consider a bid for fabrication services, you need to consider the cost of bringing your parts to your own facilities. Often, low bids are for manufacturing only, and you’ve still got to work out expenses and processes for bringing those parts to the next step in your manufacturing and assembly process. This can make a low bid one of the most expensive under the wrong circumstances, but when you have a supplier who is nearby, you have inexpensive options like local couriers or even your own company trucks.

Make Communication Easy

Quality control, design revisions, and changes to the process that make it more efficient are all easier to institute when you can meet face to face. Working with nearby CNC machining Ontario opens that option for your team, and that can save you a lot on scrap, extra labor, and wasted time.

Faster Order Turnaround

Another major benefit of local suppliers is the ability to get a faster turnaround on your orders. Even if the process itself still takes the same number of days, you’ve got less time in transit working for you. The tighter relationships cultivated when you can easily meet face to face to collaborate on your project also make it easier to coax them into working with tightened schedules when you have an increase in demand, because it’s easier to prioritize your business when they know your face.

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