Conflicting Immigration Reports


For any citizen that has been paying attention to the news cycle over the past few years, immigration has undoubtedly been a hot topic. Since the 2016 election cycle, there has been much discussion about border security and building a wall for the southern border of this country. Both main political parties have been at odds over many topics, but this issue has remained at the forefront of unsurprisingly. Since individuals are now able to communicate with other people across the world instantaneously, human connections and relationships are evolving. With the Conservative party remaining firm on immigration policy, conflicting reports relating to allowing more foreign workers into the United States have recently hit the mainstream. However, programs such as the h2a visa worker program are currently on shaky ground.

Increasing Foreign-Born Workforce

President Trump is looking to deliver on his promise of a massive border wall which will divide Mexico and the United States. While he is the incumbent, many of President Trump’s supporters may choose another candidate if he is unable to follow through. As this battle rages on, the federal government wishes to bring more foreign workers into the nation. Since this is a conservative administration, these reports are quite surprising and possibly contradictory. Mexican immigrants make up the majority of work visas issued by the United States and ultimately trump the amount other nations receive.

Investigating These Claims Further

In the age of information, there is an endless amount of data to sort through to arrive at some form of truth. If you were to open your news application of choice, you would like to come across the president stating that this country is at capacity. Visiting other publications, however, appear to paint a completely different picture. As the election season picks up, this administration needs to create a more uniform response to immigration and foreign worker programs.

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