CRM System for Personalized Care: Unlock the Potential of Your Help Desk


Did you know that US companies lose more than $62 billion each year due to poor customer service? The research data confirms that consumers tend to “take their business” somewhere else when their experience with an establishment fails to meet their needs. So, it’s no wonder why each year the industry shifts focus only to, yet again, specify the importance of having loyal consumers.

In fact, 72% of businesses claim the customer experience is their top priority while 63% of marketers consider technology innovations to be the key that will help them reach this goal. Why? Because customer satisfaction will become the main brand differentiator by 2020 whereas the successful implementation of professional digital assistance can take businesses on a much higher operating level.

Nowadays, the best CRM software products singlehandedly solve these major corporate issues by introducing the benefits of business process automation across various departments, especially help desk. With unlimited access to essential and sensitive personal information of clients and potential leads stored on a centralized location, CRM help desk software on the cloud supports any type of technology to help nurture current client relationships and better navigate customer interactions toward sales.

How CRM Software Benefits Help Desk

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the best business investment due the system’s ability to help create the smartest strategies empowered by accurate analytics and real-time data. It improves the documentation flow along with the overall management, organization, and company performance.

So when talking about CRM benefits or the advantages of integrating CRM system with customer support, the following perks are definitely included:

  • Lower risks of data mistakes and reduced input and maintenance time due to one central database;
  • Better collection of personal customer data gathered from open sources and social media (emails, location, telephones, addresses, purchase history, etc.);
  • Improved data management enhances the customer experience via a quicker response period and an easy resolution of any issues the customer help service might encounter.
  • CRM supports help desk operations with easily accessible info at all times, which influences growth in sales.
  • A single system that works well with other technologies offers greater collaboration that allows employees in various company sectors to effectively handle tasks at hand.
  • Reduced costs of administration and IT maintenance due to an affordable monthly or annual fee, with no additional requirements and expenses for system management.
  • Upgraded CRM knowledge management leads to advanced lead/opportunity and case management.
  • The support info deeply analyzed by a CRM can also be a potent fuel for launching ground-breaking personalized marketing campaigns that will hit the target audience fast.
  • Worldwide business awareness and the title of a serious market “professional”.
  • Streamlined customer help elevates every help desk process, from customer queries, suggestions, and surveys to the scheduling and powerful time-tracking abilities for accurately measuring individual and company performance in total.
  • Lower risks and rates of customer and employee attrition (from 40% to less than 5% due to a 91% increase in retention)
  • Sales reporting and accurate sales forecasts are crucial CRM components that allow business owners to closely monitor and detect broken patterns in sales behavior.

So far, all of the researches conducted on CRM usage and benefits show that consumers are willing to pay at least 20% up to 40% more when a business engages them via CRM system. And the overall results note 70% positive customer experience with CRM help desk integration.

With an increase of better-quality customer care by 74% and 41% of revenue growth, one would think that CRM can’t get any better. However, apart from efficiently converting 79% of leads into satisfied customers, CRM help desk software is free to try. If you are interested, look for more information online.

Final Thoughts

With so many CRM software benefits, it’s hard to avoid emphasizing the importance and value of CRM systems for the help desk. This truly amazing tool is not limited to one department only, as its purpose is to bring all of the vital business branches closer and unite them providing increased productivity, better collaboration, and most importantly, superb customer service.

Hence, if you wish to cut costs on multiple fields and still preserve authority on the market, you now know which software works well with your business, employees, other digital solutions, and of course, the loyal audience.

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