Good Things about Chinese Currency


The currency being used in China are called the Chinese Yuan (CNY) or the Renminbi (RMB) which is also called kwai. This is the official currency of the country and is being used all over China. The Yuan could be further divided into 10 Jiao and Mao.

However, it is important for you to know that credit cards are not accepted at every local store in China. Credit cards are only used in big hotels or restaurants, and large shopping malls. It accepts Master Card, Visa, or American Express. Therefore, if anyone in China wants to purchase anything from the local market or want to pay fares for their rides, they must have the cash in Chinese currency.

ATMs are situated in every other part of the country. There are a lot of banks in China. Major instructions are provided to people in English about the currencies and all other related information. It accepts the foreign and international cards as well. If your ATM card is having issues, you can simply switch on to another bank. Moreover, foreign cards are generally not accepted in stores. For that purpose, you should have a Chinese card that demonstrated the Union pay logo. Moreover, you can bring funds in China for opening a bank account. They will provide you with a bank card which will make ease for you in making purchases throughout the country.

Security Watermarks

The Chinese currency consists of various security lines on its banknotes. These security lines are either present on the notes in either silver or pink color. Along these lines, something is written in very small letters that makes it difficult to replicate. Other watermarks might include a rose or a white denomination.

Different names

Another fact about the Chinese currency is that it has two names, Renminbi and Chinese Yuan. The Yuan is often called Kwai. Hence, what makes this currency unique is that it comes with different names.

Exchange rate

The currency has a fixed exchange rate i.e. this demonstrates the value of Chinese currency in any other foreign country. Exchange rate is basically the rate at which the currency can be purchased.

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