Here’s How You Can Perform Self-Inspection for Your Car Insurance Renewal


Owning a car carries its fair share of responsibilities, one of the most critical of which is ensuring that it has a valid insurance policy. Therefore, you must purchase and renew your car insurance policy on a timely basis and avoid delays. You can purchase or renew your car insurance policy online by selecting a policy of your choice, calculating the premium amount through the car insurance calculator, and completing the purchase.

What is a Car Inspection?

Car inspection is the process of ascertaining the condition of a car, particularly during the course of the insurance policy renewal for a car. There are two main types of car inspection: car self-inspection and third party inspection. While a car self-inspection is carried out by the owner of the car, a third party inspection is conducted by the representatives of the insurance company.

When is a Car Inspection Required?

Car inspection is required in the following circumstances:

  1. Your existing car insurance policy expired and was not renewed within the grace period
  2. You switch from a third-party insurance policy to a comprehensive insurance policy
  3. During the claim settlement after an accident involving your car
  4. You instal a biofuel kit, CNG kit, or an anti-theft device in your car
  5. You buy a policy for a used car

However, a car inspection is not required if there is no gap between the expiry of a policy and the renewal/purchase of a new policy. If you buy a third-party coverage policy, a car inspection is not required.

Steps to Self-Inspect Your Car Before the Car Insurance Renewal

The process of a car self-inspection depends on the renewal procedure of the insurance company that has issued your four wheeler insurance policy. Although there are a few differences in the processes of different companies, you can perform self-inspection for the renewal of your car insurance policy by the following steps:

1. Understand the self-inspection process of your insurance company

Firstly, you must visit the official website of the insurance company of your choice and read their policy with regard to car self-inspection. Then you can decide whether you have the necessary equipment and the technical skills to carry out the aforementioned inspection.

2. Download the mobile application of your insurance company and submit the required personal details

You have to download the mobile application of the selected insurance company to initiate the process of self-inspection. Then you must submit the relevant personal particulars in the car self-inspection form, including the vehicle registration number and your name and address. If you are already registered in the database of the insurance company, a majority of the aforementioned details will get fetched once you enter your vehicle’s registration number or your contact number.

3. Record a clear video of your car

The most important step in a car self-inspection is to record a clear video of your car from all angles in accordance with the guidelines mentioned in the insurance company’s website or mobile application.

4. Submit the car self-inspection video

After ascertaining that the video you have recorded covers all the important angles of your car, including a clear view of the registration plate, you must submit the video on the selected insurance company’s mobile application.

If the insurance company is satisfied with the quality and authenticity of the car self-inspection conducted by you, they will proceed with the renewal of your car insurance policy; otherwise, you will have to repeat the process.

Benefits of Opting for Self-inspection of Your Car

 Car self-inspection has the following benefits:

1. Saves time

If you opt for a car self-inspection to renew your car insurance policy online, you save a lot of time in the process. You are not dependent on another person or their schedule or preference to carry out the inspection.

2. Easy process

Conducting a car inspection yourself is a fairly simple procedure, and it requires just a mobile phone or a good camera. You just need to ensure that the video of your car is captured in adequate light and from all the necessary angles.


There are several insurance companies in India that offer a comprehensive selection of four-wheeler insurance policies that can be purchased online. You can purchase or renew a Tata AIG car insurance policy online and save time.

You can conduct a car self-inspection and proceed with the renewal of your car insurance policy online in a convenient and time-efficient manner. As it reduces the processing time for the renewal of your policy, you get to use your car again quickly.

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