How to get the best brokerage rate?


The share market is a market that can help one get the desired income with his skills. There are lots of companies in the market that are listed in different exchanges. The trader can buy and sell the shares of the concerned companies and deal. There are intraday as well as delivery options where the trader can deal and carry out different types of trades. The traders can go for any of these options as per his will. Intraday trading is preferred by many traders who know how to make money in a few hours. In this type of trade, one can buy or sell shares in just a few hours and get the benefits from the change in prices.

For the traders who want to go for the long term benefits opt for the option which is known as a delivery option where the trader can have the benefit of the change in prices in the long run. For the retail trader, the charge of brokerage is not a big deal even if the rate is high, but it is not the case with the trader who goes for the huge volume. For such a trader it is necessary to find the broker who can offer services at a low rate of brokerage. In the market, one can find top 10 discount brokers in India from which one can select the service provider who can help one save good amount which he may have to pay as charges of brokerage.

Why is the low brokerage required?

Form the viewpoint of a broker it is important to make a profit with every trade. Usually, those who want to make a profit in a short span go for the same with the help of intraday trading where he can buy or sell shares in a session and reverse the trade in the same session only. There is also delivery based trading where one can buy or sell shares today and go for the reverse trade in a couple of days limit offered by the broker. In case one cannot reverse the trade in specific days one has to pay the broker the full amount of transaction including the brokerage. It is an option for the traders who look at a long term benefit.

Who can benefit and how?

The traders who want to earn profit daily go for the intraday trading and for them the brokerage is an important avenue. It is a cost, and one who has to square off the position with a narrow margin cannot allow the broker to charge heavy brokerage. Here the discount broker can be of good help to the bulk traders and get them the desired profits as he charges less amount as a part of the brokerage. This helps the traders to increase the profit generated out of the trades which can be used to reinvest in the market. Hence the turnover of the trader gets increased over a period which also helps the broker to have more brokerage due to an increase in the turnover.

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