How you categorize credit cards?


Who does not want to earn extra money which is free in a sense because the consumer gets cashback reward or sign-up bonus just by spending on his personal purchases? There are endless options and sub-options of points, travel miles and rewards on new credit cards in 2020 and finding the best suitable card might seems impossible to you. But if you search a little and sort them by category and compare them, it is not that difficult, and guidance is always here. The best credit card for you depends on your credit score, your financial goals and your budget.

Huge competition among credit card companies has made it possible for consumers to get 2020 top credit card offers and super deals. There are best credit cards which offer deals for almost everyone. For example:

Travel rewards

Small business cash back

Balance transfer



Hotel rewards

Gas rewards


Flat-rate cash-back

Rotating categories

The important and foremost thing is to pay back your full monthly credit balance every month and it makes you win all cash rewards and points.

Consumers with good or excellent credit only get the chance of getting top-rated credit cards accompanying very best deals.

If you are new to credit cards and do not know how to get the best out of these rewards and cashback or what to choose to get the best deals there is always help for your guidance. By getting essential knowledge you will be able to manage your credit cards the right way to build credit, earn more rewards on every purchase and avoid interest charges on balance transfer and purchases.

Travel rewards

This credit card earns you rewards on everyday purchase and uses them for booking hotels, air tickets, cruises and gift cards. This also offers perks like travel insurance, zero foreign transaction charges and airport lounge access.

Small business cash back

These top credit cards are for small business owners to earn cashback promotions and points on different purchases.

Balance transfer

Top credit cards offer no interest from 15 to 18 months, 0 APRs and no penalty rate. It gives cash rewards and perks also.


Student top credit cards offer premium rewards with no annual fee and lots of perks. Card issuers offer double rewards in first year and good grade credit for student for five years after enrollment. Students can save money on 0% intro APR and no annual fee.

Hotel and restaurants rewards

There are a rich sign-up bonus and cash rewards for consumers for dine-in and entertainments. Perks for hotel booking and car rentals are given.

Gas rewards

Some top credit cards offer the highest cashback and perk on every gas purchase. Intro APR is 0% and a big welcome bonus is also offered to the consumers.

Family rewards

Consumers can get rewards on purchasing groceries and category of their choice and on paying back credit card bills.

Building credit

Some credit cards are helpful in building credit by reducing security deposit and zero annual fees. They also offer good bonus cash back.

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