KC Store Fixtures – What You Need To Know About Slatwalls


Slatwall display and retail fixtures should be part of your “must haves” when you have to display your merchandise in your retail store. It is proven to increase sales and deliver good profit through the years. The traditional cabinets are seldom used these days and most retail stores now use slatwall displays.

    KC Store Fixtures has a wide variety of slatwall accessories that you can choose from. whatever you need for your store, they can provide that for you when it comes to your display needs. So here are the different slatwall displays that you can choose from that you can find at KC Stores and what you need to know about them.

What Is A Slatwall?

    This is a display material that is usually characterized by “slats” or horizontal grooves. This comes in different forms and range from different wall panels and also freestanding fixtures. These are used together with different attachments like bins and shelves that you can hook into the slats. When you prefer to use this, it would be easy to update your slat walls without using any tools.

Why Choose Slatwall?

    There are good reasons why you should choose to use slat walls instead of the traditional cabinets for merchandising displays. Here are some of the reasons that can help you decide.

  • Durable. Slat walls are durable. This has a very high life expectancy, it is not easily damaged, and can even hold heavier merchandise compared to other fixtures.
  • Easy On The Budget. Because of its different uses, the slatwall can be the best decision that you will make for your display ideas. The basic slat walls are very affordable. But there are also pricey designs and styles that are still a better choice when it comes to pricing.
  • Customized Look. with slat walls, you have different sizes, shapes, and attachment types that you can choose from. You can create your own style and design for your retail display depending on what your business needs.
  • Different Uses. With slat walls, there is no specific requirement on how and when you can use it. It has different uses that make it the best choice for most retail store owners. You can display clothes, brochures, books, self-care products, shoes, and so much more.
  • User-Friendly. When installing slat walls, you will not need your toolbox or any power tools. Once you have assembled your fixtures as well as your panels, you can hook your attachments and start arranging your merchandise.

Kansas City Store Fixtures

    KC Store Fixtures is one of the best online stores when it comes to retail merchandising needs. This is the reason why they are so popular with retail store owners. They have a wide variety of slat wall options for you to choose from as well as all the accessories, inserts, holders, displayers, and basically anything that you need that would be perfect for your retail store. Since this can be easily updated, you can find different add-ons at KC Store Fixtures when it comes to slatwall display.

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