Keep Your Cleaning Rag Costs Down While Recycling


Janitorial rags are a must-have for anyone in a custodial role because they serve such a wide variety of purposes. They’re far less wasteful and more effective per square foot than paper towels, and when they are not in contact with toxic or hazardous substances, they can even be reused a couple of times before disposal. Still, they are resources that are meant to be disposable, which means you’re going to need to be conscientious of both the ongoing cost and the waste produced. In a time when more and more companies are finding they need to demonstrate ecological responsibility to attract customers, finding a way to participate in the recycling process while getting the supplies you need can be really good for business.

Recycled Rags From Used Textiles

One way to participate in the recycling process is through the purchase of rags made from used textiles. Since you’re buying the cloth to dispose of anyway, why not make it the final step in a textile lifecycle that includes a lot of other useful purposes? You’ll get what you need without a single bit of waste having been created solely for the purpose. This demonstrates responsibility and it is cheaper than buying rags from fresh cloth because recycled or reclaimed rags don’t have the extra manufacturing cost of the material in their price calculus. Instead, they’re reprocessed from items that would otherwise already be considered waste.

Local Sources in Dallas, Texas

Another way to keep costs down while ensuring you have the materials you need in an ecologically friendly way is by finding suppliers near your business. If you’re based in northern or central Texas, a good supplier in the Dallas area will be near enough to provide you with a large volume of the rags you need at a great cost, and without a huge delivery expense from running your shipment all the way across the country. Don’t wait to change, it’s a matter of increasing cost efficiency for your business.

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