MetLife Life Insurance Review 2016


MetLife came into operation almost about 150 years ago and even till date, they remain the major and most popular financial organization in the world with their 90 million customers in all over 60 countries. With approximately $11 billion of premiums and over 7% of market share, MetLife is the principal issuer of life insurance of the year 2015 in the United States. It remains one of the few American life insurance companies with a momentous international presence. If you have to make a final decision of which Insurance Company to go with, MetLife is your safest and most stable bet.

The company offers a multitude of policies including Term, Whole and Universal Life. MetLife also offers specific coverage items and rider options to provide its customers planning for Life Insurance with flexible options. Apart from its standard Life Insurance policies, it also offers Variable Life Insurance that comes attached with an investment component.

As of 2016, they got a fresh makeover. In effort of rebranding, this New York-based company parted ways with Snoopy, the “Peanuts” character which was their mascotfor each of their marketing materials for over 30 years. They adopted a brand with a new tagline, “MetLife. Navigating life together’’ as well as a new logo. Fortune Magazine named MetLife as the No. 4th “world’s most admired and largest” life insurance company of the year 2016. The magazinemeasured MetLife’s worth and valueby its social responsibility, innovation and the quality of products and services among other things.

Here are a few of the exceptional features of MetLife Insurance that have most significantly contributed to its success and raging worldwide popularity in 2016:

  1. MetLife is a major player of the Insurance world and what makes them all the more popular is the fact that they offer an access to instant quotes for Term Life policies. This is an exceedingly expedient as well as a convenient feature that makes it easy to evaluate MetLife’s policy coverage terms and prices at the same time, comparing them with other companies in the market. The more proactive and practical shoppers will unquestionably appreciate the ability to take control of the Life Insurance process and work through their policy alternatives independently. The company also offers Whole Life and Universal Life Quotes, though as a potential customer, you to speak to a company representative to complete the quotation process.
  2. Their success is also due to the fact that MetLife Life Insurance offers prices that position close to the middle of the market. Of course, if you are a bargain shopper, you can find cheaper policies from other discount insurers in the market. But as a rational customer, you must know that MetLife is often a better value considering the coverage options, policy features, and riders that they offer. In the final breakdown, MetLife is a decent option for deal seekers and therefore, very much worth looking into.
  3. MetLife Insurance offers almost all the common policy features found among other viable Insurance Companies in the market, including cash value access, interest rate guarantee, partial surrenders, and policy dividends with a paid-up additions option. However, their waiver of monthly deductions and waiver of premiums features provide protection in the event that you are injured at work and cannotmeet the expense of your premiums. In terms of policy riders, MetLife hits just about all the right notes, offering the disability income and accidental death riders, final expense and estate protection riders, and even a guaranteed insurability rider.
  4. The last point is the factor of trust that MetLife has built around its name and reputation. Their name in itself is a brand to reckon with. There’s almost never been any report of foul play or fraud, and that’s what make people rush towards their Insurance Coverages.
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