Motorcycle Purchasing Tips for the Business Savvy Market Watcher


If you watch the stock market and invest frequently you know how beneficial being fully informed of all potential risk factors can be. How do you take that knowledge into other realms though? If you were purchasing a motorcycle would you know what potential risk factors to look for? Thankfully with this quick guide you can make an informed decision about how to purchase the bike that is best for you.

Purchasing new is always best

When it comes to motorcycles it is always best to purchase a new one. Motorcycles have a higher margin of error and a simple mechanical failure can lead to drastic consequences at high speeds. Buying directly from the manufacturer is a great way to ensure that you aren’t buying a motorcycle that has pre existing problems. Never buy used gear. Helmets and protective equipment must always be bought new. A fall from less than two feet onto the floor can completely compromise the integrity of the protective equipment. Check out for great savings and deals on motorcycle protective gear.

Buying used

If you are buying a used motorcycle there are a couple strategies to make sure you are getting the right bike for you. Always look for reasons NOT to buy a bike. If a bike has been laid down or dropped it may have frame damage. Check the tires and chain for excess wear. Note any parts that need to be replaced. Get a good feel for the seller. The seller’s attitude toward safe riding and motorcycle maintenance can easily be sussed out with a conversation. This is valuable information when it comes to gaining insight into a bikes provenance.

Take a motorcycle licensing class

If you haven’t already taken a basic riders course you should complete that before purchasing a motorcycle. Basic riders courses are a great way to get a hands on introduction to motorcycles and riding. They usually span a weekend and have a classroom and range component. These are a great way to brush up on skills if its been awhile since you’ve been on a hog. They can also serve as a great way to educate people who have never ridden before. Consider a basic rider course before you purchase your bike.

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