ObamaCare Myths: Myths about the Affordable Care Act


ObamaCare is a US healthcare reform law signed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010, to improve and expand access to care and reduce costs through taxes and regulations. Several myths relating to ObamaCare keep surfacing every day. Here are some myths about the Affordable Care Act:

  1. Myth: The Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare are different

ObamaCare is the informal name for the Affordable Care Act. In fact, ObamaCare, Healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HR3590, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mean the same thing but, somehow ObamaCare became the standard way of addressing the new health reform law.

  1. Myth: Americans were happier without ObamaCare health insurance California

Before the act came into effect, insurance companies could deny coverage to people who had a pre-existing medical condition. But, the ACA requires the insurer to provide coverage without co-pay for some preventative treatments including depression, obesity, birth control, domestic violence screening etc. Hence, now more Americans are insured and receive better healthcare services.

  1. Myth: ObamaCare forms Health Insurance

The Act doesn’t form health insurance but standardizes the health insurance sector and helps to enhance the quality, availability, and affordability of covered California health insurance and advances public medical insurance alternatives like Medicaid, Medicare etc.

  1. Myth: Employers might decrease your working hours to avoid funding coverage

Under the ACA, it is imperative for companies with 50 and above full-time employees to grant health benefits. This led to the misconception that employers might reduce working hours of employees to cut the number of full-time workers and keep away from funding health benefits. However, research claims that only 2% of employers agreed to change job classifications to avoid health benefits, while 7% were willing to change part-timer status into full-time in order to qualify for coverage and 12% of companies were planning to extend eligibility to employees who were presently not in covered California health insurance.

  1. Myth: Americans want ObamaCare revoked

Contrary to the common illusion that a large amount of Americans want the ObamaCare health insurance California law to be revoked, countless natives support the reform initiative and would appreciate some improvements in the law.

  1. Myth: Those who don’t have insurance owe the fee

If you are not enrolled in a plan, you have to pay a monthly fee for each month you aren’t enrolled unless you furnish an exemption proof. So, if you haven’t enrolled already, obtain coverage through open enrollment and avoid paying the fee.

  1. Myth: One must use the medical insurance marketplace

It is not necessary for anyone to use the health insurance exchange California marketplace. In reality, if you want to keep your present insurance, you can renew it, provided it fits the ACA or it holds a grandfathered status. If you have taken a government-based insurance, for instance, Medicare, CHIP or Medicaid, then you are insured. Americans who prefer their work-based insurance can continue with that.

These are some of the common myths attached with ObamaCare. The Act is a noble project that focuses on providing access to affordable health insurance to more Americans and enhancing the quality of medical care and medical insurance, standardizing the health insurance exchange California, and curbing health care costs in the US.

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