Off to Dubai Using the Best Way to Fly


The government of Dubai has announced a significant increase in spending on public infrastructure projects this year that has caught the attention of the business world.  While spending overall is up by 2.6 per cent over last year, figures recently released show a significant increase of 27 per cent compared to 2016 in funds allocated for spending plans related to infrastructure.  It is estimated that the new allocations will create more than 3,500 new jobs to improve health, education, housing and community development.  This spending promises to open opportunities in the private and social sector and even the smallest American businesses are eager to plop proposals on the desks of officials so they can get into the game.

Proposals are scrutinized closely for double dipping and waste, so finding ways to trim costs while maintaining sufficient capital to fully execute your project means looking at every line item to make sure it is legit.  If you’re on your way to shake hands on a multimillion dollar deal, there’s no reason to pass up a chance to save money on your flight to Dubai.  You can use a Groupon for Emirates airlines to secure a pleasant flight for a significant discount.

Emirates offer the ultimate airline experience and as you wing your way toward your destination, you can relax in comfortable surroundings attended to by experienced professional staff who delight in serving your every need.  The fleet is well maintained and the pilots at the helm have decades of experience that ensure your flight is as smooth as it can be while whisking you to your final stop.  And when you land, you can even arrange to be transported to the next phase of your trip by complimentary chauffeur service.  At every turn, knowledgeable staff willing to attend to the details of your itinerary are there to ensure a memorable flight.

Using a convenient Groupon means you can take advantage of perks like one free extra checked bag, special offers and promotions and featured fare sales that are solid ways to save on travel expenses.   After all, a smooth flight at a great price sets the right mood for closing a deal so use a Groupon for Emirates to book your flight and you are well on your way.


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