Penalties of Skipping Bail


There is a question that crosses the mind of many people who are out of jail on bail and awaiting a felony trial, “should you run?” While the idea may seem enticing, the reality is anything but. People who do give in to their baser instincts and flee are doing themselves and possibly their loved ones a disservice. Therefore, before even considering the option, take a moment and realize the reality of such a mistake.

Forfeiture of Bail

The first thing to happen after you don’t show up to court is that your bail amount is forfeited, and a bench warrant is issued. If you used a bondsman scranton pa, then the bond is forfeited, meaning that any money that was provided to the courts to ensure that you followed the rules of your release is collected and kept, no option for getting it back.

Collection of the Bond and Collateral

If you used a bond service to get out of jail, then the bond is collected. If the bond was secured using collateral, then the collateral is taken. Therefore, if you had family and friends put up their houses or cars to secure your release, then the bond company can legally take possession of those items when you don’t show for court.

Pursuit, Detainment and Arrest

Lastly, once a bench warrant is issued, you will likely be pursued by police as well as a bond agent. The courts give bond agents the authority to track, detain and surrender defendants to the court if they fail to show for proceedings.

The idea of running is likely tempting because your afraid of the trial, but the reality can be destructive. Therefore, don’t run. Consider the position you may be putting yourself, your family and friends in if you take off. Skipping bail only complicates things for everyone involved.

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