5 Essential Tips to Win Thai Lottery in 2019


Thai Lottery, one of the most prestigious lottery systems, of the entire world is soon to hold yet another exciting draw for the lottery! If you have been following Thai lottery for quite some time, you may know the payouts for each lottery win are incredibly high for a minimal cost of a ticket.

The next draw of Thai Lottery is scheduled to be on the 16th of every month. It is going to be grand as the popularity of this lottery increases with time. With this article, we hope to sway your luck towards winning way more than you have, and in case it is going to be your first win or your first lottery try, we’ll provide you some tips to win the lottery!

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it:

Buy a paired ticket

A single ticket for a Thai Lottery draw costs somewhere around 40 baht, and 80 baht for a pair. Our first tip is to buy a paired ticket. This way, you ensure a double win with a simple purchase of 80 baht. In case you are unaware of the winning prizes of Thai Lottery and The National Lottery, let us inform you. The first prize is associated with a winning amount of 3 million baht, and if you manage to win the special bonus, it is worth a whopping 30 million baht!

Similarly, the number of baht with lower prizes are just as higher.

Buying more than one ticket

One of the most common myths people believe is that the more people take part in a lottery, the lesser are your chances. Well, it’s not this. Only the winning jackpot depends on the number of people taking part in the lottery and increases with a higher number of people. With this said, our second tip is to purchase a few more tickets.

This way, you increase the probability or odds of scoring a win by a huge number. A good thing with Thai Lottery is that the tickets cost so low, you won’t have an issue, ever! You can invite family members, co-workers, friends, and others to join in on your lottery pool and invest together to purchase a large number of tickets.

Double checking your numbers

One of the biggest mistakes people have made in the past is to wrongly check their winning sequence. Because of this ignorance, they missed a chance to win the lottery.

So, keeping this in mind, you should always recheck the ticket’s number and the winning sequence number. The Government Lottery Office also posts the results every month on their website. So, if you missed the live broadcast or the radio transmission, you could always visit their website and check the results! Also, once you’ve won the prize, visit the local police station and register your win so imposters can’t cheat their way through your win!

Join Communities

Many communities seek players and help them get a guaranteed win. Although some of these communities rely on VIP memberships which are paid, some are also free. By grouping with members taking part in the Thai Lottery King, you will have people who can understand the game and guide you better. Also, they have a few calculated numbers, tips, and tricks with which you can impact your winning choices. It all depends on the type of membership you choose.

However, you should first check the authenticity so it’s legitimate and not a fraud.

Keep your old tickets:

The important of old numbers and tickets cannot be stated any further. Many people think that the tickets which aren’t bringing them any luck are actually useless.

They might resell them or simply lose or tear them. This is an amateur’s mistake when playing the Thai Lottery.

Here’s the deal:

These numbers might not show up that often but they soon will. It’s random probabilities. No numbers are lucky or useless.

Rather than selling your tickets, reinvest the money in more tickets of Thai Lottery and you’ll win soon!


So, if you’ve missed the tickets for this draw, don’t sweat it! The lottery has two draws every month, that is the 1st and 16th of every month. So, quickly grab your tickets for the next draw. Hopefully, with the tips we have just discussed, maybe you are the next lucky winner of Thai Lottery?!

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