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In the current world, there are many threats to our safety that arise on a daily basis, try crossing the road sometimes. Numerous motorists are more interested in their kids, and many sometimes do not look at the road. These days we also have our much glorified smartphones, and I sometimes watch people that are talking to their friends rather than looking at a lorry that has just jackknifed in front of them. The world has a huge amount of problems, do you wish to be another problem for people to deal with? In our somewhat dangerous world, it might be best to write a will to protect your family and loved ones. There are many services available and they come in two types. The first being the D. I. Y wills and the second being done by a solicitor, the first is the less expensive option and it can be great for many people, but if requiring more specialist needs then a visit to your solicitor may be advisable.

The First Option

D.I.Y. wills are a sensible course of action for many people, however, there are certain provisions that you need to adhere to, you must make sure the document is signed, dated and make sure it is witnessed by at least two people. The next thing to ensure is correct spelling, especially if it is someone’s name. If noting a certain person in your will be sure to use their exact name, and in addition add something like their birth certificate number. Ensure that you include all items of value in the document. This should include your house – residence, savings accounts, insurance policies, investments etc.


These people have studied at a university and may be highly intelligent, but they come at an additional cost. For people with large businesses, this may be a necessity; however it may be wise to check with past clients. The other option you have is to type their name into Google and then type reviews. This should give you more accurate information concerning them. You could also look at family protection trusts which may be a better option. If living to the North of London, you might wish to try the family protection trust in Norwich; this could be a good choice for you and your family. Be aware if you have children under the age of 18 you will need to name a guardian for them, and if you have adopted children you will need to think very carefully in the wording of your will.

The End of Life

So you went to work every day, tried to save money when you could, looked after your much loved children and spouse. Do you want it to end for nothing, or do you wish to give them a final testament to you? You have loved them with all your heart, and they have given back the love, you gave them. It is always best to say goodbye with a parting gift.

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