Real estate advice for property sellers


The selling of the property for the sellers is not an easy job. At present many of the sellers are seeking for the help of real estate brokers to sell their land or properties. The real estate agents taking chance to line their pockets with seller money. In the present scenario inventory the hot real estate market is low and the competition for getting or selling the property is high. Some of the real estate agents will try to increase their income by using the unethical tactics. This is a deceitful practice for the sellers where they will be selling their properties less than that of the estimated amount. The home will takes a longer time to sell where sometimes it takes months or years. If you want to sell your home at the good rate then your home must have the increases your home value in the market. On moving to the unethical brokers will keep all the home selling and buying commission with themselves. To keep you safer position you must know some of the common techniques employed by the unprincipled agents. Here are some of the common techniques to find the unprincipled agents.

No photos

The trick is that no photos most of the unethical agents will often use at least one photo on the website of the multiple listing. Mostly the photo will be low quality with unappealing shots of the house. So posting photos of the bad condition will not attract any of the agents or the buyers to buy that property. Then these unethical brokers will move to the several open houses to sell the property without any agent representation. Some of the real estate broker will post the beautiful photos of the selling houses only in their website and you cannot find in any other sites.

Making it impossible for the buyers to get a property showing

Most of the real estate brokers will not respond to showing request from the other agents and also they will ignore the calls and emails from the other agents. Sometimes these agents will try rescheduling or canceling the appointments at the last minute or a one hour before of the scheduled time. This will help them to keep the buyers who are represented by the other agents. Then they will cause the buyer to think that the selected agents are not on the ball. Then the buyer will start to contact directly with the list of agents which known as going direct. Mostly the listing agents will double the amount to take them a visit to the land. Also they try to reduce the market share of their neighborhood agents. The truth behind the unethical real estate brokers is that to flatten the values of the home out of their greedy.

No showing with the accepted offer

The unethical brokers will not show the property until the buyers offer has been accepted. Where these agents will make the buyers to submit an offer on non-seeing the house. There are many numbers of the good ethical agents so you have to spend more time in finding the right one.

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