Stock screeners can be customised


Every other day developer are trying to give you the best way for getting as accurate information with vast amounts of data to arrive at decisions based on the information after the filter action. But if you want to get your information in a certain way then with a different set of criterion then you can get this done by forwarding your suggestions and they can customise your own filter for your stock screener.

How stock screening can work for you

  • If you fit in a criterion that certain stock have to meet such as the certain financial limit.
  • To know whether you want a large cap or a small cap stocks.
  • To find out the prices of stocks which have soared or which have fallen.
  • The acceptable price to earning ratio can be assessed.
  • To come to a quantitative analysis of what the market can show up such as volatility, capitalisation, profit margins and revenue along with price to earnings ratio which are tangible in nature.

How to use stock screening

If you know which variables to put in and know what you are searching for then using the scanners will be easy for you, but persons who have no idea how to go about it and which variable combinations will give you the needed output, there are some predefined screens for such people.

Some of the popular stock screener choices have some predefined screen such as

  • To find greatest sales revenue
  • To find out the largest market cap
  • To find out the strongest forecast growth
  • System of advance mathematics
  • Determining the stock’s expected risk and return
  • Top gainers
  • Insider buying
  • Wedges

Don’t rely only on stock screenings

As you would have noticed that only tangible elements can be assessed by the screeners but other aspects such as which products are the best cannot be calculated by any filter.

What information that cannot be got by a stock screenings

  • Labour issues,
  • Pending Court cases
  • Customer satisfaction levels

If you don’t have recent information and the updates aren’t on time then there is no use of having screeners.

If you are looking for industry specific then you will come across blind spots such as the price to earnings ratio of the tech industry will not show up many searches.

Well done research and the help of screeners will give you the edge and not just the screeners will lead you to ultimate gains.

The investors should not get the illusion that they give out the magical number with which you could make the most accurate decisions but this is far from the truth. But inherent trading skills and to assess the market pitfalls is a talent and not all can get it by installing any kind of fancy scanner in place.

Screeners though are not totally out of contention but they are just add ons to make your life easier for assessing a whole lot of information which would take a lot of man hours and waste precious time which could be used in proper decision making process.

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