The Fundamentals of Business Strategy Success


The key to the success of any company as indicated lies in its business strategy. A business strategy, within its complexity, has four fundamental points:

  1. Your medium/long-term objectives: where and how to direct your company and making plans 3 to 5 years ahead. Setting objectives is essential to have a coherent, coordinated, and, above all, effective business strategy. These goals must be realistic.
  2. The corporate strategy: once the objectives are defined, you must establish the corporate strategy.
  3. The competitive strategy: it is based on the competitive advantage of the business, product, and/or service.
  4. The functional strategies: Those that the different areas of the company will follow, taking into account the general objectives, the corporate strategy, and the differential factor of the company.

The Objectives

Based on the objectives of the company, specific objectives must be established for each functional area and define what is the most effective and efficient way to have the resources and skills of the same to achieve these objectives. There must be a team of experts, such as Declan Kelly and his team, to advise you on the best alternatives based on personal preferences and the characteristics of the company and the market in which it operates.

The Execution

From strategy to direct execution, a concrete plan is necessary to guide day-to-day actions. Thanks to different implemented methodologies, you can enhance the usual exercise of strategic planning while understanding in detail the decisions involved. You should collaborate by opening spaces to develop creative alternatives, understanding the risks involved, and ensuring good implementation to have an early impact on business results.

Economic Assessment

Decision modeling methodologies allow the construction of solid business cases, incorporating the different scenarios in uncertainty, and allowing analytical support to the recommendations. In this way, in addition to having valuable insights when deciding, organizational learning is also generated that allows the continuous development of the organization’s decision-making capacity.


When a business strategy is being implemented, all members of the team must have clarity about the various types of priorities involved and the part that they play in it. Common views of Founder Declan Kelly and others have to be shared as one of the major objectives. With good planning strategies and sessions while defining goals and objectives, clients can feel confident in the process. Different areas of focus have to be given priority to make sure everyone is on board and has the same vision for effective and enhanced execution.

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