The importance of knowing Licensing Process for employers in Texas


Business owners in Texas who have establishments that serve alcohol must go through a highly involved process in order to receive their TABC license. This license is required by business owners in order to legally serve alcohol. The penalties for serving alcohol without going through the proper permitting process are severe, which is why it’s imperative that every restaurant and bar that serves has all their paperwork done properly.

Getting Expert Help with Permitting

Adding complexity to an already challenging process, the laws in Texas regarding alcohol licensing are different in each city. All this means that business owners must be very exacting in completing their application for a license. There’s no question that dealing with legal paperwork and the many rules and regulations involved in licensing are highly difficult. This is why many business owners enlist the services of specialized consultants who know the laws involved and how to expedite the licensing process.

Planning Ahead

Yes, it’s illegal to serve alcohol in a commercial establishment without the proper permits. The process of obtaining a license can take as long as six months in some cases, so business owners must endure a long wait, and a loss of potential income as the process moves along. Experienced consultants, however, can often attain a permit in a much shorter time, sometimes in as little as 60 days. This is another reason why retaining a consultant to take on all the legal paperwork for getting the license is a sound idea.

Some of the most reputable consultants in this area recommend working with them at least 120 days before opening a commercial establishment that serves alcohol, to ensure that the permit is in place on time. Many of these consulting firms work with experienced teams of professionals who know how to navigate the system and do it quickly and efficiently. The cost of retaining a consulting firm is well worth paying, as the profits from alcohol sales will quickly pay off any fees.

If you are a business owner who is ready to open up a commercial restaurant or bar, consider retaining an experienced and knowledgeable consulting firm in order to take care of the permitting process. Is it worth the time and cost? Yes, it sure is.

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