Tips for becoming better at selling insurance


There is a whole science behind selling insurance and in generally selling. We are constantly selling something like our knowledge, we just don’t realize that. Because this is a complex thing when you get deeper into it that is why some agents are better than others. You can learn to sell quicker and more efficient meaning that you can attract bigger clients.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different agencies and different ways to get to people to buy insurance. This also has an effect on how selling should be done because you can’t apply some techniques for every type. Online agencies like Scheme Serve are becoming popular, and there are new techniques you have to apply there, but there are some you need to know in any case.

Stop offering quotes

If you are speaking to an insured who is not your current client, you are trying to build trust with them, but the best way to do that is not to offer quotes any longer. Just don’t go down that path of gathering the loss runs, gathering the data, going around their facilities and checking everything. That is something else you do if that insurance buyer is your client. You will waste a lot of hours of your insurance career by offering quotes. You want to focus on something that actually causes you to win.

Getting a signature

If you are not going to be offering quotes to insurance buyers who want your client you are going to be working on gaining the insurance permission. You want to get a signature on a sign broker record letter.

You want to make sure that you are allowing the insurer to understand that you are the agent of choice, and you are the broker that they should be choosing to help them get to the place they want to do by protecting their assets through the right insurance policies.

Micro niche

So, if you are not going to be offering quotes, and you are going to be targeting broker of record letter, one of the easiest ways to do this is to be micro niched in one area. When you are being so micro niched and the insurance buyer knows that there won’t be a need to have to offer a quote, you will just be gathering the signature.

Larger revenue accounts

If you have been in the business for a long time, you know that when you go through the process of putting together applications, there is not a whole lot more that needs to be done for a twenty-five thousand dollar commission account. Then there is for a twenty-five hundred dollar commission account.

It is the same applications, you still got to gather loss runs, you got to put it all together a claim summary, a summary of the operations, you have to figure out which carriers you are going to market it to. Why not then focus on a larger account than the small one. You just have to get out of your status quo, step out of your comfort zone a little bit and target larger revenue accounts. It is so very critical to having insurance producers build their book of business to a million dollars or more.


Once you are on a weekly lead system, be consistent with it. The reason why agents have great days is that they also had very bad ones. But, even then, you need to be consistent with your work. When you follow the basic principles of becoming a great agent, the consistency part will be easier. You will have a routine, and you just need to follow it over and over again.

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Work more than others

There are a lot of tips if you are a new agent just starting out. And one of the main is that you have to grind hard and make more than 10 appointments every week. Agents fail because they don’t see enough people.

If you don’t set up appointments, you won’t run enough appointments, and if you don’t run enough appointments you won’t make enough sales. Every start as an agent is hard because of that you need to work harder than others who have experience.

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