Top features of BSNL prepaid plans


BSNL is not a telecom provider; many customers today would like to go with it. Due to its poor landline connections, BSNL does not enjoy a good reputation. However, this seems to be changing in recent days. Being a state-run service, BSNL prepaid offers the best plans. Even Reliance Jio remains beaten with the amazing offers from BSNL. The 4G services have been rolled out in select cities, and it is yet to be seen how they perform. But according to TRAI results from last year, BSNL definitely tops the charts in terms of 3G download speed.

You will most likely want to opt for a BSNL recharge as soon as you learn of the following features:

  • Amazing data offers – Though not all the plans have designed well, some of the top-end plans offer extravagant data cap. Also, you need to notice that plans differ across different parts of the country. If you are a normal user with regular data requirements, you would be glad about what you get with Rs. 198 – 2 GB of data every day and a validity of 54 days. Only with BSNL can you get a truly unlimited 4G data plan. Coming at Rs. 1098, this plan will offer unlimited data for 84 days. There will be no limit to your data usage. This BSNL recharge is definitely something that has never been offered before.
  • Validity Extension – Often users have a second mobile SIM connection that they do not use for data requirements. However, most data providers charge a lot to keep the number active. BSNL has addressed this need. You can recharge with Rs. 94 to extend your validity by 90 days. You will get 3 GB of data for this period and 100 minutes of voice calls. However, the best in terms of validity extension is Rs. 365 plan, which extends the validity by 365 days. Unlimited calls can be made every day with a maximum of 250 minutes every day. There is also a daily data cap of 2 GB/day.
  • Talk time offers – You can recharge to your main account balance. But there is a good full talk time offer hidden in the midst. If you recharge with Rs. 100 from 23 August 2020 to 19 November 2020, you can get a full talk time of Rs. 100. However, this offer would remain valid only on Sundays. The next time you need to have some talk time, make sure that you recharge on a Sunday with Rs. 100. Such offers are available for some higher recharge options too. Rs. 1100 can get you Rs. 1200, Rs. 2000 will get you Rs. 2300 and Rs. 3000 will get you Rs. 3600.

BSNL is making a good comeback with such amazing offers and good network connectivity in some regions. It might not be available everywhere but if you are among the lucky ones, your next BSNL mobile recharge can get you some good value for money.

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