Trading with iFOREX


Founded back in 1996, iFOREX is currently one of the most experienced online trading companies in the industry, offering services for CFDs on currencies, commodities, indices, shares, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. With an aggregate of 800+ tradable instruments.

It’s well-known for the personalized 24-hours customer support service available in multiple languages, as well as for its consistency when it comes to providing reliable trading services and being a market leader.

The company managed to survive for more than 20 years in a very competitive industry, not only thanks to its consistency but also because of its flexibility in adapting to new market circumstances. Clients working with this broker had seen its services constantly being updated and iFOREX experienced exponential growth each year.

When it comes to trading software, there’s a huge debate on whether iFOREX should make some improvements, which is why we’ve decided to talk about its mobile platform. The company relies solely on proprietary trading software, with a web-based platform and a mobile as its two main tools for clients.

Mobile Platform

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the iFOREX mobile trading app is another proof of the consistency posted by the company throughout the years. By using it, you’ll be updated with the most accurate market rates.

The app offers robust trading options, a sleek look-and-feel with new execution gestures in order to give the best trading experience in the palm of your hand. With access to 800+ trading instruments available, you can trade CFDs on currencies, commodities, indices, shares, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs directly from your phone at any time.

Some features are unique, given that the iFOREX mobile app incorporates execution gestures like the new Swipe-to-Close. Using them will help you navigate through a fast-paced environment and act quickly each time the market tells you to do so.

We should mention that layouts are customizable and you also get complete access to your wallet, balance sheets, equity, and margin details. Another important feature differentiating iFOREX from the competition is the built-in trading sentiment section. It provides a quick and easy way for traders to see what’s the directional bias of the market at a particular point in time.

Although the whole set of features may look complex, we have a friendly user experience, with a few simple steps to open a trade. Choose an instrument, select new deal, set the position size, the trade direction, and the risk parameters (stop loss and take profit) and that’s all.

Security Features

Getting complete access to your trading account via mobile could raise potential security issues, which is why iFOREX allows authentication on multiple levels.


Taking into consideration all the features mentioned above, the iFOREX mobile trading app represents a reliable alternative for traders who want to be in touch with the markets, even while on the go.

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