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A lot of things can be done to top a foreclosure, and you have a lot of power in your hands to stop the seemingly inevitable. The only condition is that you get help right on time. In foreclosure cases, you generally do all the things and try this and that, but forget that you have little time on hand to act. It’s all about taking the right steps at the right time, and here are the first 2 things you should do immediately after you get the foreclosure notice and decide to fight the battle.

  • Contact a foreclosure attorney immediately- and don’t try just any lawyer. Get the best, because you deserve the best, and in my recommendation the Consumer Action law Group is one of the best law firms in the States to extend superior quality advices and services in such cases.

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Stopping a foreclosure

The laws in every state of the USA are different than each other for foreclosures making it difficult for the layman to understand things well. By the time you understand and act it would be too late. Hence let the job be done by the one who knows it all and have helped many before you. The attorney will try to stop your foreclosure in several ways and one or the other will work to stop it and by you time.

When you hire a mortgage foreclosure attorney, the lawyer will execute any of these stepto stop the foreclosure:

  • Will see how much time you have at hand and if it’s more than 37 days from the notice of foreclosure, then the attorney will send a complete application from your end to the lender and court so that you are given more time to arrange a solution.
  • In many cases the attorney acts as the medium between you and the lender, so that smooth talking and settlement out of the court can help fix the problem
  • Often a modification of the loan agreement is done by the lender which again must be scrutinized by the attorney, so that the lender may not take any undue advantage while lowering the rates of interest and giving you more time for payment.

If you are left with no other option and the foreclosure looks inevitable, then the foreclosure lawyers from the Consumer Action Law Group can always file a chapter 13 bankruptcy for you, and help you through the complicated process to stop foreclosure. This will also give you more time of 3 to 5 years to arrange for finances and close the mortgage.

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