What Is Pet Insurance and Who Needs It?


The answer to this question seems obvious. Pet owners should have pet insurance, correct?Well, yes and not exactly.

While pet owners should carry some kind of pet insurance to cover catastrophic costs associated with visits to veterinarians, there is another group of people who needs insurance. More accurately, it should be called pet care insurance. This type of insurance is intended for people who deal with pets on a regular basis but are not health care professionals for pets.

Pet trainers and pet groomers need pet insurance. Pet trainers train dogs in general obedience. They also train many dog breeds to work as service dogs, not only for the blind but also for people with a variety of other disabilities.

Trainers work on their own premises, at the pet owner’s home or in public places. Working with animals always includes the risk of injuries to the trainer or the animal.

Therefore, dog trainers must have pet care insurance. Finding the right combination of insurance coverage and limits for a specialty niche like dog training may sound like a frustrating task, but there are specialty insurance companies, Bolt Insurance Agency is a good example, that have experienced representatives to help business owners find the best possible coverages at reasonable prices.

Dog trainers and dog groomers have many options to insure their business. The most common types of insurance are:

  • General liability insurance for dog trainersincludes premises liability that covers accidents occurring on your property during a training session. It also encompasses product liability, covering products you sell to clients, and completed operations insurance. It protects trainers against claims that a dog was not properly trained and caused injury to the claimant.
  • Property insuranceis important for dog trainers because it protects your facility and the dogs in training there.
  • Commercial auto insurancebecause dog trainers are frequently on the road to clients or training places. They need commercial auto insurance that covers them in case an accident happens on their way to or from a client’s home. It also covers vandalism and theft.
  • Workers Compensation for dog trainersis mandatory if you have any employee to help in your business. This insurance pays for the medical expenses as a result of injuries your employee(s) suffer in the course of their employment. Dogs in training may bite or scratch accidentally. They also are moving trip hazards, especially those energetic puppies.
  • Professional liability insuranceis important because it handles claims by disgruntled clients for mistakes, broken promises, bad services and negligence. Man clients are easily displeased, unhappy, and claim a financial loss because of something you did or did not do. Errors and Omissions helps with the cost of legal defense, judgments and/or settlements.
  • Umbrella insuranceis a great choice for dog trainers who want to increase individual policy limits indirectly. This insurance kicks in when the policy limit for an individual policy does not cover the damage amounts completely. Your umbrella policy will pay the difference between the primary policy limit and the entire damage amount. Umbrella insurance is rather inexpensive.
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