What Most Insurance Brokers Can Do for You and How


Insurance brokers are notheld captive to just one company as they are free to work with all insurance companied. This is really a great time saver when searching for better insurance at a cost that is lower and on renewal time. Dealing with an insurance broker is a real money saver. Why should you call three or often more insurance companies for quotes when one insurance broker will do the trick? You get more quotes, less time, less stress and more savings.

Not life insurance

Insurance brokers are usually associated with general insurance such as car, house – instead of life insurance. But there were some brokers who continue to provide investment and life insurance until the onset of more burdensome regulation in 2001. This drove a more transparent regime based mostly on up front negotiation of a fee for provision of advice and/or services.

Home insurance

It also helps with home insurance as insurance brokers can find insurance companies and products to fit exactly what you want.

Jewellery coverage

Coverage for jewelery is available worldwide but in some cases not available on normal homeowners’ policy. But an insurance broker will be able to find insurance coverage putting them together.

Personal umbrella liability

Don’t forget to talk to your insurance broker for optional protection of a personal umbrella for liability policy. Umbrella coverage can go up to $1,000,000 for individuals wanting higher liability protection. Many home and auto insurance policies stop at $500,000 liability coverage. A personal umbrella policy offers coverage on top of basic home and auto insurance: $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 available, but only through an insurance broker.

Ease in shopping 

An insurance broker makes shopping and buying simple and they even have fast state-of-the-art software. This allows the broker to find the best rates without the hassle of calling multiple insurance companies for quotes.

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