Why Philanthropy and Business is a good mix


Helping is action word of help, it’s an act of aiding someone whether they need it or not. Helping is a very broad concept but it all boils down to aiding someone. Help is about offering services and resources, it’s not always free like loans and such but it helps especially on the people that need it the most.

When you say Philanthropy, it’s synonymous with helping. It’s a noble act of helping on a wider scale to make lives better for the people that are less fortunate, temporarily or for a long period of time. Today, helping is no longer a simple act of kindness, thanks to the various machinery invented to reach mountains, to cross-search and fly to islands and not to mention the means of communication that bridged the gap of distance, it made sense that these became a tool that enabled capable people to help on a global scale.

Mixing helping and investing: Investing has always been synonymous with business and business, is always related to profit. If you put helping and business together, it’s like water and oil. But if you think about helping an investment, it’s not that bad, it’s actually way better. If you got a grand plan to help humanity and you got a person that is willing to back you up in terms of funds and resources to make it all possible, that’s how investing and helping is.

Investment is better than loans: If you think about investment, it’s about helping people get the leverage that they need. It’s way better even if you put it side by side with loans, because with loans, you owe people with interest too in exchange their help, but it’s a debt. But with investments, it’s an open agreement that is always good for the people that got the investment. This is what philanthropy has evolved to, investing in innovations that can better mankind.

The better philanthropist: Investors are a good philanthropist, for the reason that above all people, with their resources they can potentially change the world. Surely some scientists needed funding presented his plans for electric cars and because there are people that saw that future the hybrid cars are not just a dream and car companies might even be hitting their next cars after ten years to all be hybrids. It’s emission-free, less pollution, a healthier world, and a more efficient ride. It’s good for the planet and it wouldn’t be progressing as it is right now if there weren’t investors that believed in that future of automotive.

Hunter Perret lafayette la local and the founder of the Perret Group is one of these philosophers that originally invested in the gas industry and later shifted to health care. The world needs more people like Hunter, he is a person that contributed greatly thru his organization and as an individual. Because of him, his vision and in his cause, the world is a better place. If you have the means to change the world in a positive way, do it the Hunter Perret way.

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