3 Event Security Options


For your next event, security should be one of your top priorities. Setting up the ability to prevent a threat and to slow one down, if it happens, is also important. Hiring enough security personnel to patrol your event is a given, but a security turnstile, for example, can prevent a potential threat from entering a designated area. In a case where the threat is inside the area, it can stop them from escaping or at the very least, slow them down.

Here are three security options you can consider using at your next event in addition to security personnel.

Auto Gates

If you will be providing parking spaces for those attending your event, it is a great idea to ensure that area is safe. Safety bollards, auto gates and tire spikes are some options that can be used. First and foremost, bollards, gates and spikes act as deterrents. If there are individuals with nefarious intentions attempting to enter the parking area of your event, seeing that precautions to prevent an escape have been taken could be enough to keep them away. If they are bold and enter anyway, their escape will not be easy.


Shelters, barriers and fencing are more options available to you. Fences and barriers can be used to create a safe perimeter around your event while shelters can be used at the entrance of your soiree. Again, first and foremost, the use of barriers such as these helps create a deterrent. If potential trouble-makers see a shelter at the entrance where security is checking IDs, purses and the potential presence of weapons, those individuals may think twice and not attempt to enter the event, after all.

Counting Systems

Counting systems are generally used to keep track of the number of people entering and exiting the premises. Alarms, electronic counters with optical beams and detection boxes are utilized to record, help security personnel and attempt to eliminate human error. In conjunction with security cameras, this technology can record the entrance and exit of a suspect who got away. Later, footage and records can be used for identification purposes.

When people attend events, they expect to have a good time. Most people do not think about their safety because they anticipate the event organizers will handle it. Auto gates, barriers and counting systems are options available to help you keep your guests safe.

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