3 Ways to Improve Your Dry-Cleaning Business


Dry cleaning as it seems from its name just isn’t normally a dry process. This type of cleaning does require some amount of water and moisture to wash the dust away. This water or moisture does not however harm your carpet. This process is much drier than a steam one. Therefore, majority of the people prefer dry cleaning over steam cleaning.

Owning your own business can come with a lot of challenges. When you have a dry-cleaning business, it’s easy for your company’s name to get lost in the shuffle of what every other cleaner is doing. Here are three ways you can improve the great work you’re already doing and set yourself apart in your area.

Streamline Your Intake Process

When people drop off their clothes to be cleaned, they may be in a hurry, rushing to their jobs or the next place on their list of errands. If you can take and process their items quickly, you can help their day run a little more smoothly. The best dry cleaning software allows you to streamline your assembly line process, from intake to finished product.

Focus on Your Customers

The methods that comes under dry cleaning techniques are encapsulation, bonnet and usage of dry compound. Encapsulation is the foremost method as possible found in both residential and commercial areas and also it takes very less time to the residue that is employed in it to dry, which makes cleansing better and efficient. The dried residue is cleaned utilizing a vacuum machine soon after it can be applied. The dried residue removes the soil, dust particles as well as other microorganisms together with it. Bonnet technique is not strictly dry cleaning since it uses a club soda blended with the cleanser, which there after brushed well as a way to give a deep cleaning.

Your customers’ needs can provide just the focus you need to bring in more business. Take a look at the demographics in your area, and tailor your deals and discounts to potential needs. For example, if it’s a college town, offering student discounts can boost your business. If you don’t know what kind of program would please your customers, take a survey to discover what offers they may enjoy. Just asking their opinion can communicate that you care about them.

Use Good Marketing Strategies

Many companies have similar marketing campaigns. When your personality and the unique promotions your dry cleaning has to offer are highlighted in your marketing, it can be easier for potential customers to remember your name. Think outside the box. Using the information gleaned in learning about your area, send seasonally appropriate mailers. Ask yourself what you would want to know if you visited your website and be sure to incorporate that information.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on bringing more customers in. Just a few small changes can improve your business.

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