A checklist to all the pre-requisites for selling insurance in India


If you are planning for an extra earning option or looking to make a better living, then a random of thought may come to your mind. But how about giving a thought on becoming an insurance agent. The idea may give you a vista of hard out-door work, but in the digital age, you don’t have to contain yourself with-in an age-old perception. So if you are thinking of how to sell insurance then here is how you can make a better start. Click here for more details.

How to become an insurance agent?

If you are interested in becoming an insurance agent, then you are required to register on the online portal of IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). You can also take guidance from an insurance aggregator on becoming an insurance agent. In that case, the whole process of licensing and training will take less time.

To become an insurance agent, the applicant needs to go through a certain process of form fill-up and also need to make the payment via demand draft. After the completion of the registration process, the timing, and the exam date are notified to the candidate. For the study materials, agents can take help from the IRDI websites. These will help them in having a better understanding of how to sell insurance policies and terms and information relevant to insurance. Moreover, the study materials are available from IRDI in several languages such as English, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu and Panjabi.

Criteria for becoming an insurance agent

According to the guidelines of IRDAI, any individual who wants to become an insurance agent must fulfill the criteria given below:

  • The individual who wants to become an Insurance Agent must complete graduation. However, there is an exemption for applicants with minimum qualification of higher secondary and will be applicable for those who have a good experience and significant knowledge in sales.
  • The document required for becoming an insurance agent includes proof of address, proof of identity, requisites exam certificates, copy of PAN card and photos in the prescribed format.
  • For obtaining the license of an insurance agent, the individual requires to go through a certain amount of training. The duration of the training and the number of hours required depends upon the type of insurance that one intended to deal with. It also depends upon whether the applicant is training for the renewal of the license or is applying for a fresh license.

Five essential steps for becoming an insurance agent

  • Decide the Course of Your Education – This is the first and the essential step where you should decide the bachelor degree course of your education. The education at this level helps you to know about risk management and actuaries. Plus pursuing a course on finance can be an asset for the agent.
  • Pick Your Speciality – There are different kinds of insurance that an agent has to sell. So choose the type that best defines your line of authority. Also, you should need to have the licence no matter which field of insurance you want.
  • Complete Pre-licensure Procedure – The requirement for the completion of this step vary from state to state. So applicants should check with their state insurance department for the process of Pre-licensing.
  • Must Qualify a licensing exam – All applicants must qualify the licensing exam in order to become an insurance agent.
  • Apply at Insurance Agencies – If you meet all the requirements as stated in the procedure, then you are eligible for working as an insurance agent.

One choice can unfold multiple opportunities

If you are positive with your approach, then selling insurance can unfold multiple opportunities in front of you. But for all that to happen, you also need a guideline that will help you to reach your goal. And for an insurance agent, it’s no different, so follow the checklist and the question circling on your mind of how to sell insurance will only become easy to you.

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