Bitfinex Review


I am aware of the fact that most of the people may not be aware of what Bitfinex but you are now in the right place. Bitfinex is an online platform where you can trade online using any cryptocurrency you may desire. You have a pleasure to trade using Bitcoins, Ethereum and other forms of crypto. Being one of the largest exchange group for Bitcoin, you no longer need not to worry about the updates about the prevailing market conditions. Besides allowing you to trade, they ensure that you are updated about the prevailing market changes. With the Bitfinex platform you can view the developments in the wider market hence make the right decisions based on the facts.

The basics of Bitfinex

There are a few but simple things that we can call them the basics about Bitfinex. Once you are in the website, the top right corner has a login and sign up icon. The sign up icon allows you to open your account using your personal details. Once you have an account, you are are good to go and you can start trading with a minimum amount of $10,000. This is only possible after you have accepted the terms and conditions that binds you with Bitfinex. Before you can do anything, you are free to look at the graphic data that shows the prevailing market trends. With such visuals, you can now start trading.

Safety details associated with Bitfinex

Bitfinex is the safest place than you can imagine. Firstly, Bitfinex has always ensured a cold storage where more than 99% of the funds are stored in a physical storage. With that, not all the amount is kept online. Hackers have a hard time accessing this platform due to the fact that for one to access any section of the platform, he/she has to satisfy all the security steps. In addition, Bitfinex has employed encryptions such as HTTPS TS 1.3. With that fact, you can rest assured that Bitfinex is the best place to be. You my rest assured that this is the safest place.  For more detail information please visit

Everybody is allowed to use Bitfinex

Unlike other accounts which allows only US citizens, Bitfinex allows only non-US based citizens. The reason behind this is not of importance but all we need to know is that the minimum amount that we are allowed to transact is $10,000. Bitfinex is also a more specialized trading site and you can only trade if you are an experienced user. It is a risky account since it is known to be a platform where margin trading is the order of the day.

Limitations of Bitfinex

The main limitation about Bitfinex is that there is no minimum or maximum amount that you can deposit or withdraw. However, this limitation is positive in the sense that it allows professionals who are experienced to transact and trade any amount they may wish to trade with. In addition, Bitfinex you are assured of completion of withdrawal requests immediately after 6 hours and sometimes 12 hours (a day). This makes it efficient for professional trading personalities.

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