Services Offered by Certified Chartered Accountants


A chartered accountant is a trained professional who must abide by the legal guidelines and the laws of the local governing bodies. Chartered accountants often work as auditors in private audit firms while many are hired by multinational companies. The reasons why most companies hire chartered accountants is because:

       They have first-hand training about accounting matters.

       They can prepare the financial statements.

       They are well versed in the International Standards of Auditing.

There are plenty of services offered by certified chartered accountants in Rotherham. Some of the services that they offer are described in the paragraphs below.

Internal Auditing

If you want, you can hire a certified chartered accountant to carry out an internal audit. The auditor will look for signs of fraud and will check the materiality of your company’s financial statements in order to figure out whether there are any misrepresentations or not. Many auditors also work as external auditors as well.

Financial Accounting

If you want, you can hire a certified chartered accountant to work as a financial accountant in your company as well. The accountant will verify all of the transactions made by the company and will prepare the financial statements accordingly for your company. The accountants must adhere to the laws of the local governing bodies and it’s important for them to make sure that they protect the interests of the company. These are a few important services offered by local accountants throughout Rotherham. Make sure that you negotiate a fee with the accountants before you hire them.

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