Get Insured Against Eventualities of Your Health in Singapore

Are you a foreigner working in Singapore and you want your working experience in this country to be a smooth sail? Then you need to get in touch with Expat Insurance and you will never regret it. This outlet is set up for anyone in need of reliable medical insurance and you will surely get good value for money when you patronize this outlet. This outlet is one of the best places you can trust and the medical insurance services provided here will get you adequately covered against series of illnesses and emergency medical issues.

All foreign workers in Singapore looking for the best way to get protected against medical emergencies and illnesses should not consider any other outlet aside from this one, there is no way you will not get good value for money when you patronize this outlet. The foreign worker medical insurance will also not cost you an arm and a leg.

So many features make this outlet to stand out and we are going to show you one or two of those features in the remaining part of this write-up.

Reduce hospital visits

Hospital visits ca waste a lot of time. For example, you may need to file up at the end of a very long queue and this can cause you to waste a lot of time queuing to see the doctor. This is never the case when you partner with Expat Insurance for foreign worker medical insurance. The outlet will get you adequately educated about your health so that you will not fall sick frequently.

As a result, the number of times you queue up at the end of a long line at the clinic will reduce. The time you would have wasted queuing at the hospital can be put to a better use. Some members of staff may make excuse for their lateness by claiming that they are at the hospital. Such occurrence will reduce and this will cut down absenteeism at work and make your company to run more smoothly than ever.

Affordable services

You will never have to spend through the nose to benefit from the services offered at this outlet. The insurance policy is highly affordable. If you are on a tight budget, you can still get access to the insurance serviced from this outlet, there is no way you will not get good value for money when you patronize this outlet for your insurance needs. Do you need maternity insurance or you need hospital insurance?

You will find this outlet be reliable for that purpose. Those who need GP and specialist insurance can also visit this outlet. The services offered here are also extended to dental insurance for anyone that what to correct any abnormalities on his enamel or oral cavity.


The Importance of General Liability Insurance

What Does General Liability Cover?

Whether you own a large company or small business, you can greatly benefit from a general liability insurance policy. This type of insurance will protect your company from lawsuits or claims that result due to property damage or bodily injury that occurred on your behalf. Having general liability insurance tampafl will also cover non-professional negligent acts, which are characterized by failing to take proper care of something or someone. If you don’t have general liability insurance, you stand the chance of paying out of pocket for certain incidents that occur. There are various situations that general liability insurance may cover.

Bodily Injury

A bodily injury claim against your business can be costly. That’s because the claimant may have from visiting the doctor or staying at the hospital. For example, a customer might enter your building and use your stairs. Imagine that he or she slips and falls due to a spill and hurts their leg. This person may sue your company for damages. Your general liability insurance can help cover the cost of this type of bodily injury claim. As a result, your policy can help alleviate the financial strain the claim has on your business.

Property Damage

Maybe you’re doing construction on your building and the construction workers accidentally damage the property next door. In this type of situation, your general liability insurance policy can help cover the cost of a covered property claim. While you might not immediately think of bad things happening because you’re so focused on running your business, these things can happen. That’s why protecting against property damage claims is so important. Your insurance company can help pay for those damages and give you peace of mind.

General liability insurance is not only important for your protection, but it’s also a key component people look for when working with a company.

If you don’t have general liability insurance, you stand the chance of paying out of pocket for certain incidents that occur. There are various situations that general liability insurance may cover. While you might not immediately think of bad things happening because you’re so focused on running your business, these things can happen. That’s why protecting against property damage claims is so important. Your insurance company can help pay for those damages and give you peace of mind. Your general liability insurance can help cover the cost of this type of bodily injury claim. As a result, your policy can help alleviate the financial strains the claim has on your business.


A checklist to all the pre-requisites for selling insurance in India

If you are planning for an extra earning option or looking to make a better living, then a random of thought may come to your mind. But how about giving a thought on becoming an insurance agent. The idea may give you a vista of hard out-door work, but in the digital age, you don’t have to contain yourself with-in an age-old perception. So if you are thinking of how to sell insurance then here is how you can make a better start. Click here for more details.

How to become an insurance agent?

If you are interested in becoming an insurance agent, then you are required to register on the online portal of IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). You can also take guidance from an insurance aggregator on becoming an insurance agent. In that case, the whole process of licensing and training will take less time.

To become an insurance agent, the applicant needs to go through a certain process of form fill-up and also need to make the payment via demand draft. After the completion of the registration process, the timing, and the exam date are notified to the candidate. For the study materials, agents can take help from the IRDI websites. These will help them in having a better understanding of how to sell insurance policies and terms and information relevant to insurance. Moreover, the study materials are available from IRDI in several languages such as English, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu and Panjabi.

Criteria for becoming an insurance agent

According to the guidelines of IRDAI, any individual who wants to become an insurance agent must fulfill the criteria given below:

  • The individual who wants to become an Insurance Agent must complete graduation. However, there is an exemption for applicants with minimum qualification of higher secondary and will be applicable for those who have a good experience and significant knowledge in sales.
  • The document required for becoming an insurance agent includes proof of address, proof of identity, requisites exam certificates, copy of PAN card and photos in the prescribed format.
  • For obtaining the license of an insurance agent, the individual requires to go through a certain amount of training. The duration of the training and the number of hours required depends upon the type of insurance that one intended to deal with. It also depends upon whether the applicant is training for the renewal of the license or is applying for a fresh license.

Five essential steps for becoming an insurance agent

  • Decide the Course of Your Education – This is the first and the essential step where you should decide the bachelor degree course of your education. The education at this level helps you to know about risk management and actuaries. Plus pursuing a course on finance can be an asset for the agent.
  • Pick Your Speciality – There are different kinds of insurance that an agent has to sell. So choose the type that best defines your line of authority. Also, you should need to have the licence no matter which field of insurance you want.
  • Complete Pre-licensure Procedure – The requirement for the completion of this step vary from state to state. So applicants should check with their state insurance department for the process of Pre-licensing.
  • Must Qualify a licensing exam – All applicants must qualify the licensing exam in order to become an insurance agent.
  • Apply at Insurance Agencies – If you meet all the requirements as stated in the procedure, then you are eligible for working as an insurance agent.

One choice can unfold multiple opportunities

If you are positive with your approach, then selling insurance can unfold multiple opportunities in front of you. But for all that to happen, you also need a guideline that will help you to reach your goal. And for an insurance agent, it’s no different, so follow the checklist and the question circling on your mind of how to sell insurance will only become easy to you.


3 Reasons to Consider Forming a Captive Insurance Company

Insuring commerce is big business. Many people are unaware of the myriad complex ways they can go about insuring a business. Captive insurance can take many forms from group captives to pure captives. Regardless of the structure, captives are an innovative approach to self-insuring businesses. Here are three reasons to consider forming a captive insurance company.

Tax Advantages

A primary reason many choose to form captives is the potential tax advantage. In most cases premiums paid to the captive are tax deductible. Often, any profits made by the captive are not considered taxable income.

Special tax rules also exist around how captive insurance companies deduct and report losses.

Risk Management

Forming a captive gives a business considerable control over its risk management. A company can form a captive to cover very specific risks associated with their business or industry. The captive can often provide greater insurance coverage at a lower cost.

Under this insurance structure, a company can fund losses with investment income. There is also an enhanced ability to control claims.

Cost Reductions

There can be significant insurance cost reductions by forming a captive. When a business chooses to self-insure, it removes the middleman. A part of all commercial insurance premiums goes to broker commissions, administration costs and marketing budgets.

A captive insurance company removes those expenses. Outside the event of covering catastrophic loss from an insured event, the savings experienced by a business can be immense. Operating costs are reduced.

Captive insurance companies are a fascinating alternative to traditional third-party insurance coverage. The increased control over risk management and its associated cost should invite any business to consider forming a captive. This compelling business strategy is not as complicated to execute as it once was due to favorable changes in the way these insurance entities are created and managed.


8 Financial Notions to Consider While Buying Your Next Home

Handling the Morgage

Decide whether you are ready to handle a mortgage payment. It is a heavy responsibility to have fees every month for your home. If you cannot control the payments, your new home will be foreclosed by the bank. Without a home, what will you do? In other words, consider whether you are fully committed and ready to make mortgage payments.

Unexpected Payments

Do you have sickly dependents upon whom you support? Will you always have enough money to make all your obligations after all responsibilities are made. Often it is easy to forget all the unexpected payments that arise in our life. Before you can commit to making a mortgage payment, you need to know exactly how much you can afford to put away every month for your debts. In other words, the money you will use for your mortgage would be money you would be putting away for savings, retirement, or a “rainy day.”

Property taxes, Maintenance

Before purchasing a home, you also need to consider all of the fees associated with having your own home. While you were renting or living with the inlaws, you didn’t have to pay for property upkeep and management. A property manager includes all upkeep expenses involved in the rental fee. Once you own a home, there are many upkeep expenses: lawn care, sewage, electricity, property taxes, insurance, security, plumbing, heating, and cooling. You will be the homeowner and responsible for all maintenance fees to the property.

What is your credit score?

The first information a bank will ask when applying for a home loan is your credit information? It is a general rule of thumb for bankers to expect no credit score lower than between 600-700. The lower the credit score, the harder it will be to obtain a loan. A loan at a lower credit rating than 600 could make the mortgage more expensive and nearly impossible to pay back over 30 years.

What is your job status?

Do you work in a job that has high security of remaining in business? Do you have a seasonal job, or is it permanent? How long have you stayed at your present job? What will happen if you lose your job? How will you make your mortgage payments? Do you work for a plant that may soon be closing? If you own your own business, how stable is its income stream monthly? By knowing the sources of your income better and their stability, you can offset any harmful consequences that possibly may happen over the next few years.

Who is your lender?

Have you approached any lenders for a home loan? How many? What did the lenders have to say? Have you discussed all the details of your home purchasing plans? Bankers and financial institutions have a good feel for what works and what will not work when lending their money for home purchases. You may need to look out for a tailored home cover for the purchase of your new home.

They will provide you one loan that will cover all of the fees that are associated with a home purchase. You cna aks your lender for a recommendation. However, bankers have helped hundreds or thousands to obtain loans and many they have had to turn down; usually they only cover the essential loan for the home leaving extraneous fees to the homeowner. Consider what the financial advisors tell you before you make you finalize plans for buying a home.

Down Payment?

Before purchasing your home, consider how much you can afford to put on a down payment for your home. Different banks will require from 3% to 10% down on the total cost of the purchasing price. This is a guarantee that the loan amount will be paid back with interest after the home purchases agreement has been finalized. Without a reasonable down payment, you cannot expect to obtain a loan.

Alone or Together?

Will you be paying the entire mortgage payment or will there be a Spouse or another person(s) helping with the monthly mortgage? What happens if the responsible mortgage holder falls sick do they have insurance that will cover the mortgage payments? If the person who is responsible for making the monthly mortgage falls sich and cannot work is there anyone else that can work who will make the payments? Can savings be used to make your monthly mortgage?

Fees for Closing the Home

There are many fees associated with the home broker and legal fees that will be charged for the purchase of the home. After the down payment and taxes are paid, do you have enough money to use for the other fees associated with the purchase of a house? For example, a closing fee may be between 3-5% of the total cost of the home. Even the price of a modest home of 100K could set back a family as much as $3-5K in closing fees.

There are also land taxes that will need to be paid, increased utility bills for the first few months, and insurance fees for your home. All of these fees will come in succession month after month and year after year, for as long as you own the home. These are financial notions you need to consider before you finalize your home purchase.


Why People Don’t Buy Health Insurance

The health insurance market in India is still at a developing stage. The sector is complex; however, it is growing. There are many, who are still not well versed with the importance of medical insurance and avoid investing in the same. Here are a few important reasons why people avoid buying a health plan.

  1. Lack of awareness

There is little or no awareness of health insurance plans in the country. Life insurance plans are highly publicized but not many are aware of the importance of medical insurance plans. This is the topmost reason why people do not buy a health insurance plan.

  1. Lack of seriousness towards health

It has been noted that many individuals do not have the right approach to their health. Young individuals tend to think that they are quite fit and nothing will happen to them. This attitude results in less focus on investing in online health insurance.

  1. Cost

Many people do not consider health insurance as a priority, and they are reluctant to pay a premium for the same.

  1. Returns

When people invest in mediclaim policy, they look for high returns and tend to think twice because the plans do not have any returns. This makes them consider the investment as an additional expenditure with no return.

  1. Inadequate knowledge about the claim process

Many customers do not take the trouble to read the offer document and have a clear understanding of what the health insurance plan offers. They do not know about the various inclusions, exclusions, and the claim process. They believe that the claim process is time-consuming and stressful. However, health insurance policies offer a number of benefits like cashless hospitalization services, maternity coverage, and coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. Most customers do not examine these clauses to make effective use of the policy.

  1. Dependence on the employer’s plan

Many professionals rely on their employers to provide a medical cover. However, the employer’s insurance plan is not enough because job security is not a given. There could be lean periods of recession, which may result in many layoffs. Hence, it is advisable not to rely on the employer’s plan.

  1. Underestimating medical inflation

Currently, medical inflation in India is on the rise. This means that the cost of pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses will increase with time and could prove to be burdensome. Many people do not have the knowledge of the impact of escalating prices of treatment and drugs, and hence, they avoid buying a health insurance plan.

  1. Additional burden

Many individuals in the country consider health insurance as an additional burden. They think that the premium amount is very high and there is no return on the plan. It is seen as a burden over their annual expenses.

It is important to understand the importance of a health insurance policy and choose the right plan keeping your age and health condition in mind. Health insurance plans are not an expense and can save you a huge amount of money in case of an illness or disease. Health insurance is an important component in your investment portfolio and you must invest in a suitable plan at the earliest.


What is Commercial Car Insurance and its Various Advantages?

Commercial car insurance is a kind of insurance policy which covers a commercial vehicle against damages, natural or man-made. This type of insurance plan also offers coverage to commercial vehicle owners against any liability arising due to damages caused to a third-party. Read on to know more about this type of insurance and its benefits.

What is commercial car insurance?

As the name suggests, this type of insurance policy is specifically designed for commercial cars and vehicles, which are used for business purposes. The various components of commercial vehicle insurance are:

Third party insurance cover

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it’s mandatory for every vehicle plying on the road to have a third-party insurance cover. The third-party insurance cover is also called ‘liability only cover.’ It covers the damages caused by the insured commercial vehicle to a third party.

If a person gets seriously injured or loses his life from the insured commercial vehicle, the insurer compensates for the losses suffered. The policy also takes care of the costs associated with the legal nitty-gritties arising in such a situation. It’s important to note that this type of insurance doesn’t provide any coverage to the policyholder in case of any untoward incident.

Comprehensive insurance cover

This type of commercial vehicle insurance provides comprehensive protection as against a third-party cover. It is more inclusive and highly recommended for all commercial vehicle owners.

It not only covers losses or damages to the insured commercial vehicle due to accidents, but also provides coverage for losses caused due to natural or man-made calamities such as earthquake, flood, lightning, theft, burglary, etc.

Benefits of commercial motor insurance

  1. Coverage for losses and damages suffered due to accidents and otherwise

All types of business activities related to transportation are exposed to numerous risks on a day-to-day basis. Theft or damages to a commercial vehicle can inflict operational losses to enterprises. A commercial vehicle insurance plan in place helps compensate for the losses incurred to some extent.

  1. Backup for loan payment

Most commercial vehicles are purchased with the help of loans, the EMIs of which needs to be paid on time. Often the EMIs are paid through the profits generated from these vehicles.

In unfortunate circumstances such as theft and accidents, your commercial vehicle becomes inoperative and in such a scenario, it’s difficult for you to pay the EMIs. However, commercial vehicle insurance, serves as a backup in such a scenario.

  1. Covers expensive repair works

Large commercial vehicles such as buses, tractors, and small utility vehicles often require regular maintenance and may require expensive repair even in case of minor collisions. By availing a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance plan, you can get cover for such expenses, without requiring to shell out money from your pocket. This keeps your personal as well as business finances on track.

Car insurance, in a nutshell, safeguards the interests of business enterprises deploying commercial vehicles. It provides peace of mind to such vehicle owners by providing adequate compensation and minimising losses caused due to unforeseen situations. It is imperative for policyholders to carefully read the documents before buying this policy.

You can buy commercial vehicle insurance online or offline. Today, there are many insurance aggregators which list offerings from multiple insurers. You can compare quotes, read reviews, and even talk to experts before zeroing on a policy.

Irrespective of whether you buy a policy online or offline, make sure to go through the policy documents carefully and be aware of the inclusions and exclusions. At the same time, check the claim settlement ratio of the insurer and choose a plan that best aligns with your needs.

You can also avail other policies for your car. Pocket Insurance from Bajaj Finserv offers a gamut of insurance solutions at an affordable premium. One such offering is the key replacement insurance that offers coverage of up to Rs. 20,000 for lost keys of your car at just Rs. 499.


6 Ideas To Frame A Faultless Financial Strategy For Your Business

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you have a good financial strategy for the future. Someone who is trying to make changes to the way that they manage their money might consider several options. There are some very good options for people who are not sure how they will manage their money, and there are some amazing options that might change how you approach your money manage going forward. If you have any questions about how this works, you can contact a company you are working with.

  1. Better Insurance

The money that has been paid into the account pays back dividends because that is how the insurance company makes money, and you might take that money out when you are ready to pay for an unexpected expense. However, it is much beneficial for the person who avails it. For instance, you need a good life insurance plan because that plan allows you to get payment of death benefit.

  1. Investments

The investments that you make are going to help you make money every day, but you need to be sure that you have come up with an investing plan that you actually like. You might want to get a broker who will do much of this work for you, and you should ask that broker to give you advice when you are not certain how you would invest the money that you have. Investments could cover a number of things like stocks, bonds, commodities, and currency. If you are investing well, you will make money. If you are not investing now, you should hire a brokerage firm to help.

  1. Use A Savings Account

You should use a savings account so that you can hold as much money as possible. For the most part, you will discover that you can make a little bit of money during the year using these apps. If you are not sure how you will get some better options from these accounts, you need to ask the broker or banker how they can help you. The broker or banker can give you a good rate that will be worth your time and money, and you will discover that you have many better options to change your life and add money to your wallet.

  1. You Should Try Out Real Estate

Using real estate to invest in a good idea because you can make a lot of money from these properties every month. Investing in real estate is very simple, and you will discover that most people who are making these sorts of investments plan to keep them for a long time. You will see the value of the property rise while you are paying off the mortgage on the property. You will save money over a long period of time, and you will be much more confident in the fact that you can sell these properties for cash if you would like to move on.

  1. The Retirement Account

You can start up a retirement account at any time, and you will find that a retirement account is a good place for you to spend money when you do not have any other place to put it. When this is the case, you need to remember that the retirement account can accrue interest and give you many more options than you thought. You could use the retirement account in a number of different ways, and you need to start thinking about what you will do that will make the most sense to you. Plus, you need to see what your options might be because you might want your retirement account to be active. When the account invests, you will make more money.

  1. Trimming Costs

Everyone should have a budget that is going to help them stay on track every month. You simply need to have a look at what your options are when you are trying to make money, save money, and plan for your future. You deserve to have a future that will give you more back in return for all your savings, but you cannot do that without a budget. Stick to the budget so that there are never any problems.ConclusionThe best part of working with a broker or banker is that your a choose how your financial future will go. You get to make decisions that are best for you, and you will discover that it is much easier for you to have a plan for your future when you have tried all the steps above. Plus, you will see a difference in how you manage your money because you are focused on results. You could also get the broker to send you as many different options as possible so that they can make choices for you that might be beneficial to your family.


11 Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable safety net to protect individuals and family members from unforeseen future events. The ability to get sufficient coverage at a young age helps promote security in the long term. While the policies remain beneficial, there are situations where errors cause problems for people. The following are the 11 biggest mistakes you should avoid when buying life insurance.

Choosing Wrong Carriers

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying life insurance involves choosing the wrong carriers. Just because the process is convenient means you get the most value. The best approach should focus on identifying which company complements your needs the most. You can begin by researching companies with higher ratings and narrow your list according to particular preferences.

Checking Details

Errors and mistakes in life insurance can become problematic for policyholders. The problem can lead to complications in obtaining claims. Among the mistakes, you need to examine or rectify include primary beneficiary, secondary beneficiary, and updates in policyholder information.

Going in Without a Plan

People should know that life insurance policy requires a commitment from people to fulfill their dues. They need to stay disciplined in paying premiums to maintain coverage. That is why you should have a plan for getting insurance. Make sure to ascertain your financial goals, establish risk appetite, and select the basic program that connects with short and long-term objectives.

Death Benefit Only

Life insurance covers different features and tool to support a policyholder. Focusing on death benefit alone limits your opportunity to get protection during financial and health difficulties. That is why it remains essential to explore other cash value options to provide stability during unexpected scenarios.

Trying to Reduce Cost

Finding the proper Pennsylvania life insurance requires knowledge of your specific human value over time. The problem, however, comes from people trying to reduce cost. While lowering your premiums help you save money, you risk getting lesser coverage you need when issues arise. Again, it is more about becoming conscious of future value versus the cost in the long run.

Incorrect Product Design

Another mistake for people getting life insurance comes from obtaining wrong product design. The problem comes from getting the coverage you do not necessarily need. As such, it is essential to talk to your preferred agent and become truthful on what you need. More importantly, read the complete coverage before signing your name in the policy document.

Not Starting Sooner

Choosing life insurance later in life remains one of the regrets of many owners. By not starting sooner, people do not get cheaper premiums, extended value coverage, and stability. While there is no necessary age requirement for getting Pennsylvania life insurance, it is best to have the essential protection early to prevent specific risks.

Work Life Insurance

Relying solely on life insurance coverage from work can become a risk for people. The issue comes from the reality that no one is indispensable. While you enjoy protection during your tenure, it can easily be removed from unemployment or financial challenges within the company.

Group Coverage

Group coverage is another benefit that people get from tenure in a specific company. The feature often comes as a package to the overall compensation an employee receives. Like work life insurance, group coverage ends when you move to another organization. Should you decide to keep the benefit, you end up paying higher premiums.


While it is essential to plan your life insurance purchase, you should also try to avoid situations where you try to complicate decisions. Over-analysis can lead people to defer the choice, become burdened with information, or worse do not get the appropriate coverage.

Deciding not to get Life Insurance

Finally, you put a significant risk to the people that rely on you if you choose not to get life insurance. The financial hurdle of your family once you pass on becomes significantly more compared to the savings you get from not paying. If you remain budget conscious, some providers can help lower the cost of your premiums.

The Bottom Line

Overall, life insurance remains an essential tool to protect your family. Like any investment vehicle, planning ahead of time and maintaining a consistent effort to pay premiums on time offer the stability you need. The suggestions above should help you prevent potential mistakes that can cause additional stress and cost you more.

Are you looking for the best Pennsylvania life insurance? Miller Carlisle Insurance Services can help you find the best deals that give you the best protection while not burning a big hole in your pocket.


Tips for becoming better at selling insurance

There is a whole science behind selling insurance and in generally selling. We are constantly selling something like our knowledge, we just don’t realize that. Because this is a complex thing when you get deeper into it that is why some agents are better than others. You can learn to sell quicker and more efficient meaning that you can attract bigger clients.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different agencies and different ways to get to people to buy insurance. This also has an effect on how selling should be done because you can’t apply some techniques for every type. Online agencies like Scheme Serve are becoming popular, and there are new techniques you have to apply there, but there are some you need to know in any case.

Stop offering quotes

If you are speaking to an insured who is not your current client, you are trying to build trust with them, but the best way to do that is not to offer quotes any longer. Just don’t go down that path of gathering the loss runs, gathering the data, going around their facilities and checking everything. That is something else you do if that insurance buyer is your client. You will waste a lot of hours of your insurance career by offering quotes. You want to focus on something that actually causes you to win.

Getting a signature

If you are not going to be offering quotes to insurance buyers who want your client you are going to be working on gaining the insurance permission. You want to get a signature on a sign broker record letter.

You want to make sure that you are allowing the insurer to understand that you are the agent of choice, and you are the broker that they should be choosing to help them get to the place they want to do by protecting their assets through the right insurance policies.

Micro niche

So, if you are not going to be offering quotes, and you are going to be targeting broker of record letter, one of the easiest ways to do this is to be micro niched in one area. When you are being so micro niched and the insurance buyer knows that there won’t be a need to have to offer a quote, you will just be gathering the signature.

Larger revenue accounts

If you have been in the business for a long time, you know that when you go through the process of putting together applications, there is not a whole lot more that needs to be done for a twenty-five thousand dollar commission account. Then there is for a twenty-five hundred dollar commission account.

It is the same applications, you still got to gather loss runs, you got to put it all together a claim summary, a summary of the operations, you have to figure out which carriers you are going to market it to. Why not then focus on a larger account than the small one. You just have to get out of your status quo, step out of your comfort zone a little bit and target larger revenue accounts. It is so very critical to having insurance producers build their book of business to a million dollars or more.


Once you are on a weekly lead system, be consistent with it. The reason why agents have great days is that they also had very bad ones. But, even then, you need to be consistent with your work. When you follow the basic principles of becoming a great agent, the consistency part will be easier. You will have a routine, and you just need to follow it over and over again.

Read more about it here:

Work more than others

There are a lot of tips if you are a new agent just starting out. And one of the main is that you have to grind hard and make more than 10 appointments every week. Agents fail because they don’t see enough people.

If you don’t set up appointments, you won’t run enough appointments, and if you don’t run enough appointments you won’t make enough sales. Every start as an agent is hard because of that you need to work harder than others who have experience.