Experience Is Key When Choosing a Solicitor


Experienced representation is the key element for individuals hoping to find their way through what can be a legal maze. Almost anyone can struggle through and get to a solution, but the question is “Is this the right solution?” Better yet, “Is it the solution I deserve?”

Two areas of legal practice in which these questions take on added significance are family and child care law and housing law. Fortunately, there are solicitors in Dorking who have extensive experience in these areas, and bring to them a passion for communication rather than confrontation. This makes it more likely that you and your legal partner will find the solution you are looking for.

Recognised by Peers

When you search for the solicitor whom you want to guide your case through the process, you would certainly like to know that the individual is more than knowledgeable. If you could find legal help who was recognised by those who know as the Legal Aid Family Lawyer of the Year, you will feel you are on the right track. Legal issues arise when things change in a family or a relationship.

But this arena needs a slightly different approach than some of the other legal areas. It won’t do to take an adversarial approach that, rather than finding a solution quickly and efficiently, will extend the life of the dispute. This special area of practice really does require a special touch.

With decades of experience in law as a general area of work, the leading firms tend to specialise in sub-categories in order to devote full attention to the details of each case. The emphasis is, as always, on customer care and completing the task with integrity. From this approach comes a reputation for the finest legal representation available in the region.

Less Conflict

As mentioned earlier, with these top providers of legal assistance the emphasis is on communication, rather than taking an approach that builds conflict. This is essential in family law, of course, but it can also apply to another important specialty: housing law.

No area is closer to the hearts and minds of working individuals than the homes that they provide for family members. When an issue arises that involves possession of premises, landlord/tenant disputes, unlawful eviction, and decisions about the homeless, a legal specialist can help on a private-pay basis or work through the legal aid program. In fact, these experts are among a handful of firms in the area that have a contract to work with the Legal Aid Agency in housing.

For those who lease or own property, it is also necessary at times to have someone to guide the case through the proper channels with the goal of finding a proper solution. This work might involve lease extensions, service charge questions, or representation in County Court or before a Property Tribunal.

In each situation, the professionals in the best firms explore all alternatives to litigation, including facilitation of the mediation process. At these times, you will receive personal attention to your issue, but you will also receive honest, forthright advice when and where it is needed. It’s the only way to proceed.

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