Steps to take after flood damage


If you encounter a flood, there are some important points that you need to consider in such a situation. The first and foremost thing is to save yourself and other people around you. Things can be retrieved later but the most important thing is to think about you first. Adopt all the precautionary measures and find a safe spot. After that, you may attend to other things. First of all, you need to cut the electricity supply. You may face electric current in the presence of water. So, cut off the power supply. After that, start removing the items present in the house.
Extreme care is required as a little carelessness may make you slip and break bones. Remove electrical appliances as they are most vulnerable to water.

A little exposure of water to these appliances may damage them. Furniture also needs to be removed but do not lift heavy furniture alone. When wet, furniture may damage easily because wood is wet at this time. So, take care while lifting the furniture. Proper drying of every part is necessary as drawers and cabinets swell up after coming in contact with water. Open the drawers and cabinets to allow the air reach every area and dry the furniture completely. All the floor coverings need to be removed including carpets, rugs and cushions. After removing all the items, you need to dry the water. But again, be careful while doing so as there are chances of falling.

Before the professional flood restoration services arrive, you can use clothing and wiper to remove the water. After they arrive, make sure that water has been removed properly because its presence may cause humidity and mold production. In summer, you can also open all the doors and windows to let air pass thoroughly. It will also help in the drying process and prevention of mold production. Once you have taken care of the house, it is very important to dispose of the damaged things. There is no use to keep the damaged furniture as it may catch mold and if this infected furniture is lying in your basement, it may cause mold to spread in the basement and eventually into the whole house. You may also take help from the companies that provide these facilities. It is very important to select the best flood restoration services as saving a little money may lead you to go for average service providers.

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