Finding Seasonal Employees


When you need additional workers to help your business through a hectic holiday season, it can be difficult to find people who are willing to sign on for such a short term of employment. Consider a variety of techniques to entice conscientious employees to get you through the busy period. You may discover that they’ll also be willing to return the next time you’re in need.

Seek Help

Use referrals from existing workers, place honest and specific listings on employment websites or consult temp agencies in Boston to find short-term employees. The more channels you utilize to find help, the more candidates you’ll have to choose from. If you’re hiring for a season that finds many companies competing to find labor, consider starting your search a few months before you’re planning to hire to get a jumpstart on the competition.

Offer Perks

If you’re having trouble showing workers the benefits of short-term employment, provide an assortment of bonuses to encourage them to sign on. If you’re hiring for a retail store, for example, provide seasonal workers with the same discount on merchandise and services that you give to full- and part-time employees. Give them flexible schedules and increased pay for overtime hours or for working on actual holidays. Some employers even provide access to health benefits as a valuable perk for temporary staff.

Consider Additional Opportunities

Let candidates for seasonal work know that there are benefits to short-term service beyond the paycheck. The experience can bolster a resume and help with the hunt for full-time employment. A stint with a company also enables workers to determine if they enjoy that type of business – knowledge which will help with future job searches. You can also reveal that occasionally temporary labor leads to a full-time, year-round position or at least a guarantee of being hired again for the next season.

Finding temporary employees may be as challenging — if not more — than hiring long-term workers. Yet using savvy business strategies can keep you and your seasonal assistants satisfied.

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