How to Pay For Expensive Medical or Dental Work


Medical and dental procedures can cost a pretty penny. Even with insurance you can be nickel and dimed to death: Fees for lab tests, processing charges, paperwork filing…the list goes on. It can be frightening when you open the envelope and see the huge sum and upcoming due date but don’t despair. There are ways to help you deal with these charges.

Work Out a Payment Plan

Most medical and dental facilities will work with you if you’re overwhelmed by charges by creating a payment or flex plan online. Often they will break down the cost over the course of several years, allowing you to pay a small portion monthly so that you aren’t being charged out the nose all at once. Be aware of interest rates though; if you don’t pay off the bill in the designated time that you agree to, you can end up paying more in interest than the initial procedure itself.

Ask About Lump Sum Payments

It’s a little-known fact, but some medical and dental offices will give you a discount if you pay for the entire procedure in full. Ask your doctor or dentist before the procedure what kind of discount you can be given. Research what other offices nearby charge for the same procedure and try asking for a price match. It certainly can’t hurt to ask, even if you are told no.

Go Over Your Statements

Check your billing statement with a fine-tooth comb, being sure that everything you’re being charged for is accurate. If you find an error, it’s worth contacting the office and your insurance company to inform them; these mistakes can save you boatloads of money.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the amount of debt you’ve accumulated from pricey procedures. Your health is the most important thing in the world and one way or another, you will get through it.

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