Ways to Help You Save Money on Your Home’s Expenses


As a homeowner, you can probably benefit from finding ways to save money on your monthly homeowner’s expenses. Owning a home isn’t a cheap endeavor, so finding little ways to scale back on your expenses can really add up over the long term. Here are some easy ways you can save money on your monthly expenses so you can use your extra savings for other things, such as putting money aside in an emergency fund or your retirement.

Dial it Back

Chances are you could stand to dial your thermostat back a few notches, especially during the colder winter months. While it may be tempting to crank the temperature up, you could opt instead to wear a few extra layers in colder weather or sweat it out during the summer.

Bundle Insurance

As a homeowner, you likely have homeowners insurance on your lovely abode. If you also own a vehicle, you can benefit from extra savings by bundling your home and auto insurance together. Talk to your local Insurance agent in peroia az to see how bundling your home and auto insurance policies can help you save extra money each month on your insurance costs.

Swap Bulbs

If your home is using older incandescent bulbs, you’re likely wasting a lot of energy and money each month. Swap those old bulbs out in favor of newer CFL or LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient and provide you with significant savings on your home’s energy bills over time.

Use Timers

Having timers in your home is a great way to save money. By setting them to only run during certain hours of the day, you’re ensuring that you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy lighting up a room you’re not using. As an added benefit, if you plan to be out for an evening, they offer some security by making it look like someone’s home when you’re away.

These helpful tips are a great way to shave a little money off your monthly expenses.

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