Know inside out about Individual Health Insurance


They say right that “health is wealth” and to maintain a very good health throughout your life buy a good individual health insurance policy. Health insurance policy or plan ensures that all the financial risks and other problems are kept sorted and you tend to enjoy a stress-free life even if you are hospitalized or need to go for regular health regular checkups due to some health issues.

Just imagine a scenario in which you or any one of your family members is under Critical/ emergency situation, then instead of focusing on how to pay bills, you must be focusing on other important things such as medicines, treatments, prescriptions. Who will tackle such a financial worry for you during emergency cases? The answer is “A good individual health insurance policy/plan”.

Perfectly-fitted health insurance plans

There are a wide variety of insurance policies available in the market, all you need to do is recognize your requirements and buy a suitable one.

  • If you are a single individual, then you can buy any policy that provides you good coverage and beneficial add-ons. The policy will cover all your health related expenses and billing.
  • If there are other people who are dependent on you, then you must go for family floater plans. A family floater plan is a plan that is meant for all your family members. An insurer can add up to 2 to 4 members under such plan. The best part about this plan is each member gets cover and that cover can be shifted to any member during needy hours.

Assured Coverage Amount

Health insurance policy is meant to keep you safe and secured at the time of down-and-out. Whatever sum has been insured whether through individual or family floater plan, will be borne by the insurance company. Companies also ensures that you can get cashless benefits at their tied-up hospitals and clinics which mean the insurance company will directly deal with the hospital at the time of bills payment. You do not have to worry at all.

It is ensured that everyone is guarded

Under family floater plans, you do not have to worry about the sum insured for an individual as cover of an individual can be shifted to another member’s treatment or need. It is made sure that everyone is protected from all sorts of health related worries.

You can enjoy tax benefits

Yes, under the section of 80D, you get tax benefits or rebate on your health insurance policy. If your family or dependent members are included in that policy, then benefits would enhance.

You can unlock various discounts in a health policy

If you buy individual health insurance policy collectively for your family members, then you get heavy discounts from the insurance company that will ultimately lower premium amounts that you are supposed to pay every month.

Take a note on Health problems

If any one of your family members is suffering from a prolonged or serious illness then, avoid family floater plan as you might tend to pay higher premiums. In such case, individual health insurance plan is the best.

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