The 10 Best Free Places to Promote Your Startup


If you’re looking for ways to promote your business startup, what could be better than free promotional tools? Listing your business in free online directories is a great way to get the word out. Some directories are a big waste of time, though. How do you know which work best? Try these top 10 websites and online directories to promote your business startup absolutely free.

#1. StartupBlink

StartupBlink provides a multitude of business and promotional tools. The main site feature is an interactive global map with thousands of registered startups from around the world. After your free registration, the interactive map enables you to post real time news updates, called “blinks,” for all the world to see. StartupBlink also brings related entities together, such as startup organizations, coworking and collaboration tools.

#2. Crunchbase

Crunchbase founder, Mike Arrington, started the directory in 2007 as a crowd-sourced database to track TechCrunch covered startups. Today Crunchbase is a constantly expanding dataset with a highly active community of users that includes startups, executives, investment firms and global partners. Crunchbase profiles, such as Citigroup’s Cary Kochman, include professional experience, news, achievements, memberships, images and videos.

#3. Killerstartups

What do Tinder, Wego and Uber have in common? They were all reviewed by Killerstartups. Startups submit their company for platform review and get lots of exposure in the process. Entrepreneurs gain the ability to add customized information, discuss ideas with other entrepreneurs and follow other startups. Startup tools and guidelines are also available. The site gets roughly 125,000 unique monthly visitors and has reviewed 88,000 startups since it was founded in 2007.

#4. BetaList

If you haven’t launched your startup yet, BetaList is a great place to get noticed. The free listing gives you access to an active community of 25,000 early adopters eager to offer feedback and advice. Startups must meet specific criteria, including having a “decent looking” landing page. The site also requires startups include a standard email signup form on the landing page.

#5. Stomp Start

Stomp Start uses the power of social media to promote approved submissions. Once your startup is published, you earn karma points by promoting other startups through your social networks. The more you share, the higher your karma points and the more exposure you get.

#6. AlternativeTo

If your startup is in a crowded field, AlternativeTo is a must-list site. Find your competitors in the database and submit your startup as an alternative.

#7. Product Hunt

Not for the faint of heart, Product Hunt is a community-driven platform for hardware, mobile app and website enthusiasts. Submit your product and get community feedback. The better the community likes your idea, the more likely your startup will be featured. They’ll let you know if they hate, too.

#8. Launching Next

Launching Next publishes a list of the most promising startups every day. You can submit your startup free, but there is no publication guarantee.

#9. Startup Tabs

Visitors click on tabs to learn about different startups. A great source of traffic, Startup Tabs has an active social media community.

#10. The Startup Pitch

Test your startup pitch for free on The Startup Pitch. Fill out all required information or you run the risk of rejection.

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